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Conspiracy theorists constantly post videos of freight trains carrying military equipment around the country as evidence of some type of impending disaster; military coup plotting, preparation for an economic collapse, takeover by the New World Order, a United Nations invasion, as a precursor to a roundup of dissidents for FEMA camps, etc.

The most recent posts seem to associate military cargo on trains with Jade Helm 15.

It is easy to dismiss these allegations, but I wanted to dig into the issue a little more and find some relevant data that might be used to refute them.

For example:

The number of flatcars equipped to handle heavy military vehicles is surprisingly small, 5,862 in 2013. This fleet is primarily civilian owned and fairly old. Most of it was built in the sixties.

These military trains are a miniscule part of total U.S. rail traffic.

So, by definition, sightings will be fairly rare.

Understanding the use of trains to transport military equipment is not that difficult. Many units are redeploying from overseas postings. Armored units in particular are returning from coastal ports to their home stations. The 1st Armored Division (and other heavy units) is based in Fort Bliss, Texas. This particular unit has hundreds of vehicles covering a broad spectrum of weight classes.

Similarly, individual Stryker Brigades returning home have hundreds of vehicles.

Military vehicles are also shipped for refurbishment in what the military calls depot-level maintenance.

There are a few of these facilities scattered around the country. Some of them include:

Anniston Army Depot
Corpus Christi Army Depot
Letterkenny Army Depot
Red River Army Depot
Tobyhanna Army Depot

Two of these depots (Corpus Christi and Red River) are in Texas.

Counting just redeployments and maintenance requirements, military trains are kept pretty busy.

So, between equipment bound for Ft. Bliss and repair facilities, it does not come as a shock to see so much amateur video of trains moving to Texas, arriving there, or leaving the state.

No real mystery in that.


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Why can't people just understand that transporting military gear by rail is normal and beneficial to the taxpayer. Not just the fuel savings by transporting by rail, but its less people on the clock driving vehicles around the country, let alone the damage tanks running up and down highways will cause to the roads!

Trains carrying military gear do stand out though, normal freight trains may be a dime a dozen, but when one rockets past carrying tanks... they stick out like Waldo alone and destitute on a white background.


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I went round these houses on Youtube.... I'm Detcord1, if that was not obvious, but the links I post goes some way to explaining the numbers of vehicles being brought back from Afghanistan.

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There have been times that the military has left vehicles or even dumped them in the ocean rather than bring them home, but I can't find anything about it being done recently. Some vague accounts of it being done in Vietnam with vehicles that were being phased out, and a lot about it being done after WWII since most of the involved armies were preparing to go back down to standing size from the huge buildup, but it even then it doesn't seem to be 99%, but limited to surplus or obsolete models that were kept in service until they were lost or the duration, whichever came first.

The US Army doesn't leave Abrams tanks behind. The $10 million price tag may be peanuts to the US defense budget, but there are proprietary elements on our tanks that we don't even share with other NATO countries that buy the Abrams. And most of those thousands of armored trucks and assault vehicles and MRAPs that they're handing out to police stations all over the country were brought back from Iraq and Afghanistan. If they left 99% and what they brought back is only 1%, they must have had several million vehicles in the country to service our... what, 100,000 soldiers?

Patently absurd claim.


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Folks keep saying that police depts don't need the MRAPS, but they saved several lives here in Tex during the spring floods


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I went round these houses on Youtube.... I'm Detcord1, if that was not obvious, but the links I post goes some way to explaining the numbers of vehicles being brought back from Afghanistan.

I was stationed in Mosul for most of my tour in Iraq. Before I redeployed in 2006, I did get to see brand new Humvees arriving for the Iraqi Army. A good number of them were captured recently by ISIS.

But, egad, when we started redeploying units home, we didn't just leave all or even some of their equipment behind. I can imagine the 1st Armored Division starting from scratch. Seriously? How does that even rise to the level of common sense?

Maybe we need a separate thread on foreign military aid programs to better inform CT believers how the system works.

And, if these vehicles are being used in Jade Helm, where are they? It is pretty hard to hide a Stryker plying the roads of Texas.

Some of the other diatribes mixed in with those responses (Georgia Guidestones?) were a little disturbing.

But keep at it regardless. Maybe common sense will prevail.
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I went round these houses on Youtube.... I'm Detcord1, if that was not obvious, but the links I post goes some way to explaining the numbers of vehicles being brought back from Afghanistan.

The crypto-fascism of many conspiracy/tinfoil-hat types (especially the anti-Semitism) isn't really hard to miss, and I've always found it hypocritical on their part as well. If the "new world order" or Georgia Guidestones proposals became a reality, guys like beneehall would more than likely support both.
And why does he believe only Jewish men are circumcised?


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as a newbie here on the forums, it is discussions like this that will put a lot of fears to rest.

I applaud anyone who can demonstrate an argument without using insults as some of you have done here
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