military documents airborne release of radioactive 'experimentation' in St. Louis

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Apparently, once someone/anyone has 'denounced' an event at this board, then some here believe that topic no longer exists - except that it does.

And we're talking about thousands of human lives here, perhaps millions in a city the size of St. Louis.

IN KEEPING WITH THE STRICT REQUIREMENTS OF PROOF (sometimes upheld at this board, more often than not overlooked or waived for favored member, of whom I am not in that number), anyone who cares to do so may now download full documentation - in the form of an entire dissertation, complete with declassified military documents directly regarding the actions described therein - for airborne experiments in the city of St. Louis, regarding radioactive and other materials

I encourage anyone to do so. A must-read for students of history:


U.S. Radium... 'private' company which supplied the radioactive compounds which the US military used in civilian radiological aerial (free wind) tests in the city of St. Louis.

The company no longer exists - ran into heavy legal problems. Probably a front for military intelligence, designed to 'fold' at the first whiff of trouble... not unlike a lot of technology companies today.
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