Mick West on Warning: Radio

Mick West

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I'm going to be a guest on Warning: Radio, live tonight at 6 Pacific, 9 Eastern. (02:00 UTC)


Warning Radio is hosted by Brian and Baxter, a skeptical pseudoscience and paranormal claim investigation team.


Mick West

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Beiber's Eyes is trending up now, just overtook Fake Snow as the currently most viewed thread (as in people viewing it right now)


Nope. They are rather focussed on the paranormal, so we might talk about the demon house photo, and maybe Bieber's eyes :)
Is it a call in radio show ? Ill get my wife to listen she likes that paranormal stuff .


Senior Member.
great. now we're going to have to really edit responses if a bunch of 10 year olds are reading the site. I need to go delete some stuff! ; /
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