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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LmxvrxDjvA

Covered a variety of topics here. H3 is a good-sized podcast (2M subs), and there are already over 2,000 comments, which give a quite interesting overview of the audience.

Timeline thanks to "Mc"

00:40 Flatearth
05:00 General conversation about famous conspiracy theories (MK Ultra, 9/11, NSA Surveillance)
19:30 CIA trafficking Drug, Drug companies effecting people's life & mind
27:50 Commercial Break
32:03 32:09 People in prison USA
33:29 9/11 theories & the attacks
46:20 Politics around 9/11 & Iraq war
47:20 Mick's 9/11 Tweet & stats
50:33 Jeffrey Epstein death
01:03:55 What Jeffrey Epstein done? Bill Clinton...
01:11:23 Bill Clinton body count - (Seth Rich)
01:14:30 Trump & Russia CNN, MSNBC & Fox News
01:17:20 BOB LAZAR - Area 51 & Aliens
01:29:10 Alian UFO & the video release, Senator & NASA
01:40:00 Alien Visit the Earth
01:42:55 Hurricane & Governments hand's in them! H.A.A.R.P Research Facility
01:46:50 Harmful conspiracy theories (Vaccination, Pedophilia in Government, Trump is savior, ... ) 01:51:59 Pizza Gate (Child Abuse & the political fight between Left & right)
01:54:00 Sandy Hook, NRA, Shootings, Laws, Father laughs before crying on microphone!
01:57:00 Boston Marathon Bombing
01:58:10 Airplanes lines on Sky! Clouds!?
02:04:00 To change to global warming!
02:05:00 Government cured Cancer & AIDS but not revealing it
02:07:30 Existence of Ghost, supernatural beings! is there any God!?
02:11:29 how to protect ourselves from tin foil hat!?
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