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Also something he could prove with local temperature records, if he were so inclined.

It is a bit chilly here today. It's the local "June gloom"

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Someone is afraid, very afraid.

Jay Reynolds


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Aw, they removed you just based on your chosen user name? I know honesty is what science and logic is all about, but in this case was it the best policy?
It's a shame too, I like a bit of Fifth Column fun.

Jay Reynolds

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Actually, I had a plan that they could have used to prove their case. Their loss, really, not mine.
Typical paranoid control freak.
If Mike is worried about a fifth column, he better keep a close watch on at least a dozen of his members, who
judging by their posts are there to make his group look like tinfoil , better do a complete background check
on all of their names, I know I did. LOL.....

Jay Reynolds

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Looks like Ross got the boot, too. Hi, Michael. Nice to know you are reading the forum here. Care to post some of your stuff before we have to debunk it after you've already made a mistake? Might save you some trouble, or keep you out of it! Consider us free consultants. Really, I mean it. It's called pre-emptive debunking and it's a new concept. You really need to start getting out ahead of this house of cards you have built. Find an exit strategy somehow. Le's tak about it. C'mon.


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Pre-emptive Debunking? I know Mohamed won't come to the mountain, but must we re-brand the Scientific Method for the average Jo?

Jay Reynolds

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This appears the be the ATS thread that eventually led to that interview. It starts out as a forum for Dr. Lenny Thyme to answer questions about the WITWATS, which he really fails to do.
I just reiewed that thread again. Thyme debunks several of the claims of Mangels and Murphy:

Lenny Thyme said:
Speaking chemistry - barium and strontium are both alkali earth metals - similar to calcium and magnesium. They are larger than the normal divalent biological metals, but should not be toxic by themselves. Barium is used as an image contrast agent, Aluminum on the other hand is a major threat, at both low and high pH. I do not think that the spraying drives the pH in either water or land - just not enough mass present.

The problem with aluminum is two fold. First, it is a 3+ cation and so when it substitutes into bio-systems it replaces a calcium and another atom of sodium or potassium, in order to balance charge. This leaves a hole, which gets space filled by changing protein folding. This creates prion diseases, like mad cow and CJD. It is also strongly implicated in Alzheimer's disease. The second problem is that at physiological pH, aluminum is deposited as a precipitate Al2O3. This chemical is very inert. So inert that the bio-mechanisms of the body have no ability to remove alumina from the system. The only things that will remove it are physical processes, body chemistry is stuck. Enough and you start getting arteriosclerosis and blood pressure problems.

Lenny Thyme said:
i am the chemist from the movie. The Mt. Shasta data that was used was good analytical data with proper quality control. The question of the source of the metals, aluminum, barium and strontium can not be addressed from those samples. There is a significant difference in water vapors from contrails and the clouds from chemtrails. I am a chemist - I will be pleased to address the chemistry questions that are brought up here.

Metals change their coordination sphere at different pH. The pH is a function of the acid/base levels of the environment. Most metals become oxidized as the pH rises - that is the water becomes more basic. Aluminum is definitely more mobile in acids than bases. The compound alumina - Al2O3 is inert to chemical reaction, but has significant bad effects in biological systems because it takes up space and cannot be removed by metabolic processes that require chemical reactions. It deposits where it is and requires physical removal over time.

Jay Reynolds

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Michael J. Murphy Got Taken to the Cleaners

In December of 2010, Michael J. Murphy was blind-sided in a radio interview by Dr. Denis Rancourt on his claims about aluminum oxide.
here is the interview:


Michael J. Murphy used his standard talking points and run-around babbling to deflect the questions, Rancourt pressed him for empirical evidence and Murphy came up short. Rancourt countered by insisting that aluminum oxode was not bio-available, not toxic, inert, already in massive amounts in soil, common in most minerals, and therefore common in the environment. Murphy repeated his claim that it was extremely toxic and could change pH of soil.

Rancourt pressed Michael J. Murphy for his best evidence of negative health effects, and Michael J. Murphy again came up short, only able to offer up some opinions, and forced to start his 'laundry list' approach of throwing out eugenics, patents, rockefellers, Bill Gates, etc. Rancourt insisted that he wanted the facts.

Murphy finally got very close to debunking himself when he said:
Michael J. Murphy said:
Let me correct you, not aluminum in free form. Not bio-available aluminum, and they propose to spray 10 to 20 million tons of aluminum oxide and aluminum oxide is different than different forms of aluminum. Aluminum is a highly reactive material which we proved in our film.

A precious moment came when Michael J. Murphy, apparently unprepared, confronted Rancourt on his qualifications to make his criticism, to which Rancourt replied:

Denis Rancourt said:
I'm going to surprise you, I happen to be a soil scientist, and I happen to be one of the ten top experts on environmental nanoparticles, I have a PhD in physics, and you can look at my most recent publication that was published in the top environmental science journal, and its about soils and how soils evolved. So I do have qualifications that are relevant to this discussion, and I have studied extensively soil acidification in relation to acid rain and so on, and I have been able to demonstrate to myself that soil acidification is not something that you can cause easily, because there are a lot of buffers to acidification, there are a lot of things that are way bigger than inputs from acid rain or some nanoparticles from rain coming down so I have a real hard time believing in these rather tenuous advances that these nanoparticles could be having that kind of impact.

Rancourt is an interesting figure by himself. In 2009 he was dismissed as a professor at the University of Ottawa for changing course curricula towards activism and allegedly raising grades without cause.
Though decidedly an anti-capitalist left wing activist, he is a global warming sceptic.

His blog:

His essay on global warming:

As a result of his epic fail in the interview, Michale J. Murphy called out the villagers with their pitchforks and torches:


I don't expect Michael J. Murphy will want to return to do another interview with Rancourt.


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Wow, desperate indeed! Surely MJM must have known something - anything - about the qualifications and professional experience of the man he would be arguing against. In any event, I do hope these kinds of exchanges will be noted and remembered as examples of MJM's shortsightedness, his deluded arrogance, and his obvious ignorance of the subjects he tries to discuss.

Please, sir, I want some more...

Mick West

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What's quite amazing the the amount of effort that goes into perpetuating a story with so many glaring holes, and outright falsehoods. I really think they were initially a bit hasty in making claims about Aluminum, and now since they are true believers, they are stuck with them.

Basically when he's asked for real evidence, he just squirms for a while, and then drops down to the familiar conspiracy theories about Bill Gates, etc, - as if that somehow necessarily implies that aluminum is being sprayed.

Mick West

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MJM at 18:30

There have been biologicals which have been found up there, many people believe that this is, in part, human experimentation. We have see a dramatic increase, for instance respiratory mortality, which in the past 5 years has gone from number 8 down to number 3 on the list of mortality. We are seeing profound changes in human health.

Here's the latest figures, but where are the 5 year old figures that show it in 8th? (which would basically need to be a 100% increase in five years).


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Jay Reynolds

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I really think they were initially a bit hasty in making claims about Aluminum, and now since they are true believers, they are stuck with them.

Michael J. Murphy tells us he is totally committed to his insistence in absurdity.

In the interview he says:

Michael J. Murphy said:
The physicians and the scientists that we spoke to stated that aluminum oxide is toxic, I'm gonna argue that point till I'm blue in the face

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Mick West

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Everything is toxic in sufficient quantity. Even water.

I'd put good money on many in the Chemtrail crowd taking colloidal silver, which has no known medical benefits, and several mildly toxic effects, including turning you blue in the face, like Stan Jones here.



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We are showing this movie at the main library in Pueblo, CO on the 3rd monday of October. This is an excellent film, co-produced by G. Edward Griffin (he wrote The Creature from Jeckyll Island) which shows the spraying all over the US, including massive spraying attacks on an organic farm and commune in Hawaii. Their coconut trees have been so decimated, that they are now being forced to buy GMO coconuts from Monsanto. Apparently that is part of this whole plan, to destroy natural foods, so farmers must buy GMO seeds. The soils have been tested, and come up with high levels of aluminum and cesium. G. Edward Griffin has a project going where people are volunteering to send in info when they observe chemtrails. We should work together on this, so we have more power and effect.

Mick West

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Now they are spraying cesium as well? Presumably they were testing for that because of the Japan nuclear reactor problems, and not chemtrails.

Interesting how his focus is narrowing in on the organic farming aspect. I suspect though that's simply due to him finding a receptive audience. Here is so narrow as to suggest that a single farm was sprayed to promote GMO coconuts (is there such a thing?)

Jay Reynolds

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There are no GMO coconuts, period. I understand it is being worked on in Vietnam.
The coconut rot problem in Hawaii began inthe 1960's, and is not a new or mysterious situation:


One irony of claiming that there is a conspiracy regarding coconuts is that the very real disease known to be causing the problem needs to be addressed,
not a hoax.

Hawaii soils are naturally high in aluminum, so high in fact that the bauxite ore there is mineable.
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Here's the latest output from the MJM chemtrail machine:
This is an ordinance to ban chemtrail/geoengineering programs above and around the county of Maui that I am working on with a group of Maui residents and law makers. Please share and spread this important information.


Also, more information and related information can be found on my new website www.whatintheworldaretheyspraying.info. Thanks again for your continued support.


Michael J. Murphy

From the link,
The ordinance, which is currently being sponsored by several public officials and council members in the area, prohibits the release of aerosols and other particulates into the atmosphere without informed consent from the people of Maui County.

Wouldn't this proposed prohibition already be covered by the UN's (highly chemtrail-publicized) moratorium on all forms of geoengineering?

Jay Reynolds

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I think that Michael J. Murphy has found a way to make a meager 'living' for the meantime. Some would call it being a "mooch", a person who travels around living off whatever he can derive from others, without giving anything in return.

From what I've heard, he has no real means of support through ordinary employment. He's never published any sort of CV or mentioned any employable skill set. In a recent interview with Roxy Lopez, he was asking for a donation of $850.00 to attend the American Aerosol Association annual conference, so he might have less than that on hand, plus a little trickling in from sales of T-shirts and DVDs. He also mentioned that someone else had paid his way in Maui.

I suppose he intends to promote this 'Ordinance' hither and yon, mooching his way from town to town. A sad way to live, promoting a hoax and living off those who haven't figured it out yet and still believe. Eventually, he will have to face reality, and his gravy train will dry up. Hopefully, Michael J. Murphy will find a conscience somewhere and realize he is stoking unnecessary fear in people in order to manipulate them.

Ross Marsden

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... prohibits the release of aerosols and other particulates into the atmosphere without informed consent from the people of Maui County.

Crikey! Am I allowed to smoke a cigarette, start my car, sneeze?
Can I sweep my front porch, and my path to the front gate?

What if a mist or fog forms? Who is going to be prosecuted for that?

Unenforceable laws are stupid.

Jay Reynolds

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And who within Maui County is gong to investigate alleged violations of the ordinance? If the county government passes this thing, they might think that will be the end and that the chemmies will shut up, but no. I've seen them complain over there about ordinary cirrus and wimpy short contrails like they were being 'hammered'. The County will continue to get grief from these people who will now have face time with someone they can lay the blame on, oppsed to the present situation where the chemmies rage against unseen forcesof darkness.

An analogy woud be a religious group getting an ordinance passed against the devil, with county government responsible for making him stop demon possession.

The bright side might be if the County actually does a flight explorer study of the trails these people see, and proves to them ordinary air traffic.

BTW, you mght have wondered what ever became of G. Edward Griffin's Flight Tracking project. The one that you heard nary a peep about from Michael J. Murphy, because it was going to end his scam. The upshot on that is that few chemmies participated, but the as yet unpublished finding was that ordinary commercial jets can make trails exhibiting in every respect the exact attributes of what were labeled "chemtrails" in Michael J. Murphy's movie.


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Do you have any links to those findings? It would be good to have any of those documents, collected together with all the other failings of the hoax, accessible here on Metabunk.


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Having thought further about this ordinance, it could be the lid for the chemtrail coffin. In its current form, this ordinance
... prohibits the release of aerosols and other particulates into the atmosphere without informed consent from the people of Maui County.
As you pointed out Ross, that's clealy unenforceable.

But, if they append with something like 'for the purposes of geoengineering', they're sunk. If it did get passed, those who wish to invoke the ordinance would have to prove beyond reasonable doubt, in a court of law, that what they are seeing in the sky is being created for the purposes of geoengineering.

As it's not, we would effectively get the hoax exposed in open court.

Alas, I think we all know it will never get that far.

Jay Reynolds

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Do you have any links to those findings? It would be good to have any of those documents, collected together with all the other failings of the hoax, accessible here on Metabunk.
Mr. G. Edward Griffin told me he was busy with other things. I will also ask him as part of a general information request in progress. It does generally negate the first claim about chemtrails, that persistence is a "rare" occurrance.


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The Untempered Schism

Well, here's today's plea for attention from MJM. It's pretty much the same tired misrepresented, misunderstood, and exaggerated information, stitched together with overactive imagination and paranoia.

For some reason he also included with the link the page text as a Word document (sans contrail pics and links to buy all your survivalist essentials). I suppose he would like his unquestioning followers to disseminate this fiction to those without internet access. To be fair though, those would be the people he's least likely to convert to his minority religion, as 'chemtrail' belief seems to positively correlate with exposure the untempered schism of web-based conspiracy discussion.


Satellite Proof of Contrails/Chemtrails... Check out this site good for seeing them from space!




Some say contrail other say chemtrail... neither one can really be proven unless we follow them all in a jet and take samples direct from the planes... neither will ever happen because it's not safe to follow planes in planes and do test while flying, so to all Contrail or chemtrail is the question... Until either, one has solid proof who will know. Has anyone personally done experiments proving either way? Really?
They are "both" chemtrails and contrails until someone proves otherwise.. Will anyone be providing any of there own research, data, and not going off data they think is correct...
It is easy to believe they are contrails because of the evidence science has provided, but how do we know the science isn't false? No one on here actually did the science work behind proving they are contrails. All the contrail believers are trusting science they have not done themselves. So has it that proof of contrail?
Because science is failing to prove all these people that believe in chemtrails are wrong. Once we have independent proof of up close, video showing these is only contrails coming from the plane and Cleary nothing being sprayed then the war on chem/vs/contrail will be over. That is the only proof we need.. no science, just a simple test say over a year of video documenting these planes in flight and viewing how contrail are actually laid down up close and so close we can all clearly see nothing is being sprayed... how do we get "years" worth of video of all these planes from the back?...Sad in the 21st century we don’t have clear video from behind all these aircraft to put this debate to bed isn’t it…
why do we need science to prove these are contrails and not chemtrails.. all we need is " a Lot" of up close footage... if something is being sprayed we will see, and if not we will assume it is contrail.. why can't this be done? I wish it was done b/c now i'm wondering why and maybe its time to try and get some footage.... don't we have cameras powerful enought to zoom in on planes from the ground... I mean they may cost $250,000.00 but i'm sure we have them and some rich ass Chemtrail Conspirator could surely by one and get a close up view of them...

Mick West

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Actually you can get a camera plus telescope combination for less than $1,000 that will take perfectly fine pictures of planes leaving contrails. This forum has a lot of examples:


You could also very easily rent a small plane to take you up to 10,000 feet, for less than $500 (just find an IFR student, and offer to pay rental if you can come and take photos. They need to accumulate hours).


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The science of contrail formation HAS been proven. Its been tested, repeated, replicated in labs and peer-reviewed by 1000s repeatedly over decades...they HAVE tested the actual trail IN SITU...gone up and sampled right from the plume of the trail...the science is based on the Laws of Nature and could be re-proven by anyone who cares to try...do the math yourself is you suspect fraud.

These trails existed and were proven to be contrails LONG before people cried in fear that they were "spraying"....

If they are "spraying" then commercial aircraft are involved because there is a lot of close-up footage of commercial planes leaving long persistent contrails:





Jay Reynolds

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Once we have independent proof of up close, video showing these is only contrails coming from the plane and Cleary nothing being sprayed then the war on chem/vs/contrail will be over. That is the only proof we need.. no science, just a simple test say over a year of video documenting these planes in flight and viewing how contrail are actually laid down up close and so close we can all clearly see nothing is being sprayed... how do we get "years" worth of video of all these planes from the back?...Sad in the 21st century we don’t have clear video from behind all these aircraft to put this debate to bed isn’t it…
why do we need science to prove these are contrails and not chemtrails.. all we need is " a Lot" of up close footage... if something is being sprayed we will see, and if not we will assume it is contrail.. why can't this be done? I wish it was done b/c now i'm wondering why and maybe its time to try and get some footage.... don't we have cameras powerful enought to zoom in on planes from the ground... I mean they may cost $250,000.00 but i'm sure we have them and some rich ass Chemtrail Conspirator could surely by one and get a close up view of them...

The saddest part is that very few chemtrail believers simply will put their claims to the test.
This sort of photo is possible which unmistakably identifies the aircraft:

This fellow in Las Vegas has done a masterful job identifying 100% of the 42 planes he sees leaving "chemtrails" as ordinary commercial jets. He did not use telescope, only video, but if he had that capability the result would have been truly magnificent.

See his videos this is part 1 of 4 parts:

Here is his whole collection:

Remarkably, Las vegas Skywatch concludes that ordinary commercial passenger and cargo jets all make "chemtrails" rather than "contrails", and that the aircraft sewage system is how chemicals are being loaded onto the plane. The guy handling sewage is probably one of the lowest paid of the ground crew, so it is puzzling to me how a massive worldwide conspiracy to endlessly load chemicals on board ordinary commercial planes day-in day-out is accomplished by low paid unskilled workers. Then there is the fact that engineers who design the systems and maintenance workers would all be privy to the information, and pilots who are responsible for weight calculations and changes during flight would notice something and the conspiracy goes to absurd lengths.

Possibly Las vegas Skywatch has put some thought into this, because after coming to that conclusion five months ago, he stopped making videos.


Closed Account
I wondered when toilet trucks would come under the chemmie spotlight......and also how much actual thought whoever did it would put into the accusation.

Jay Reynolds

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Have you noticed that none of the principals from "What In The World Are They Spraying?", Paul Wittenberger, Michael J. Murphy, and G. Edward Griffin speak about each other or appear together?

For the past several days, Michael J. Murphy has had this headlining his facebook page:
Michael J. Murphy said:
For the record and for the integrity of the chemtrail/geoengineering movement, Truth Media Productions and Michael J. Murphy (President of the Coalition Against Geoengineering) are not at all supportive of statements made by some members involved in the filming of "What in the World are They Spraying?" who are also now involved in another film production and making claims that chemtrail/geoenginee...ring programs are not part of weather control. While we believe that there are many agendas behind these damaging programs, based on the abundance of evidence, weather control is a major factor as discussed in the promo video "Why in the World are They Spraying?" Let us not be supportive of deceptive propoganda that can create confusion and division in the movement.

Evidently the rift which developed between Murphy and Wittenberger not long after WITWATS was produced has come to a boil. It began when Michael J. Murphy's ego took over the selling of WITWATS and left Wittenberger behind staring into the aerosols. So Wittenberger and Chris Maple are playing a new card by producing a movie called "The Great Culling". This new movie goes deeper into the paranoid morass that an active depopulation plan is taking place. I don't think that Michael J. Murphy has the ability to actually make a film. He knows the value of video as a medium for maintainng his flock in an emotionally charged state of fear. Unless a chemtrai promoter can successfully maintain this state, he risks losing control, he risks loss of popularity, and in this case he loses whatever meagre ego boost and renumeration he has become accustomed to. He is jealous and expects some of his crowd to defect. Such a shallow, petty way to live.

The relevant comment from Chris Maple which Michael J. Murphy is calling "Deceptive propaganda" is at 5:00 here:

Jay Reynolds

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I copied this from Michael J. Murphy's Facebook page at 2034hrs 12/6/11 CT.
This was his response to comments by Ross Marsden and someone else.

Michael J. Murphy said:
As Manglers states, soil sample are not at all a good indicator of atmospheric conatamination. Rain and snow test are. That is why we used them in WITWATS. In no way does your irresponsible comments deunk or ven prove the facts and all of the tests that show we are being sprayed: This is a response from Mangels:
Francis Mangels said:
We have said for years we have some 1-2% aluminum naturally in the soils of our local volcanoes. I am sure this varies from mile to mile, creek bottom to hillside, volcano to volcano, etc. and the implication that we don't know this is insulting. Mr. J is unaware of many things, including that we have measured several soil variations to check whether the books were correct.

J shows extremely poor scientific method and logic on his part as J ignores all the other data and observations and goes for stuff I regard as relatively unimportant aspects of geology and soil morphology. "It's the rain and snow that is critical proof," I say, and that is nationally proven now. Add in the observations and over 400 other tests and Mr. J shows amazing disregard for facts.

It's merely his uneducated opinion whether 3000 ug/l of aluminum from samples only 20' apart is significant. It could happen, any scientist admits, but very very unlikely in such a uniform soil type where samples were taken. Plus, Mr. J never took any samples nor did any tests, Mr. J only has an opinion.

Opinions are equal value for anyone. Facts and observations are quite different

Francs Mangels and Michael J. Murphy have denied repeated requests for documentation of the "data" they claim to have. I specifically asked Mangels to publicly show the soils lab tests, he refused publish them. There are not and never have been "400 other tests" as anyone can clearly see at the Coalition Against Geoenineering website. The only opinion I have regarding these soil tests was quite succinctly summed up by the Coalition Against Geoengineering Chairman, G. Edward Griffin, who wrote:
G. Edward Griffin said:
As you can see from the following email, we have received a request from Jay Reynolds who has asked us to publish lab reports to substantiate the claims by field reporters who we have quoted on the CAGE web site. Although the reporters may be reluctant to provide those documents because Mr. Reynolds disagrees with our conclusions and likely will be looking for errors or discrepancies; still, I feel that it is important to comply as best we can. The reason, of course, is that not to do so could be taken as an indication that the data does not exist or that it is too flawed to stand the test of scrutiny. In fact, even without the urging of Mr. Reynolds, we, too, should have a chance to inspect these documents to help us better understand the significance of the data they contain.

The implication of his request is that we should make those lab reports available for inspection or remove the claims from our web site. I agree with that, don't you? Any other course weakens our case.
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Interesting how many squabbles have came about between the chemtrail promoters. I can think of about 5 of them off hand.


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here's MJM's latest, a long video of kook2kook, featuring an interview with MJM at 40mins in:
Fellow activists

I wanted to share this interview from (12-7-11) with you because of the new info that was covered. Please listen and share this important message.

In this interview, George Noory asks the hard questions, and Michael Murphy does not hold back! What are they spraying? Who is doing the spraying, and last but not least, why are they spraying? The answers to the questions we have all been waiting for.
Recorded Live 12/7/2011. Murphy's interview starts at the 40 minute mark


Michael J. Murphy

I haven't yet had the time/patience to look through it, so happy debunking!
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