Mexican UFO Video? [Oil Rigs]


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I'm loving the analysis of these videos. Thank you Mick!

Has anyone come across this one from 2004? It has similar objects and it could use some debunking. To me they are not moving at any special velocity, with no sudden changes in direction which would indicate anti-grav/advanced propulsion. Besides the DoD videos, I believe this is the only other FLIR-type camera recording of supposed UFOs.


Metabunk 2019-07-26 07-46-28.jpg
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Mick West

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I've not look at that one for a while. But it has always looked remarkably like car headlights to me.

I feel like we've gone over it before, but maybe elsewhere. Anyway, it's an interesting case because of the large amount of information in the display, and the length.

Here's a shot of a river, for reference.
Metabunk 2019-07-26 06-47-25.jpg
Lat/Lon 18° 15.68, -91° 15.06,
Az -6.1, El -20°
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where are the UFOs? those little lightning bug looking flashes throughout are supposed to be the UFOs?

Mick West

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The altitude seems uncertain, the YouTube description says "3,500m", but to get the shot of that river from that location, I had to set it to 4,500m
Metabunk 2019-07-26 07-20-03.jpg
GE file attached