Meteorite? What the heck? [Sunlit contrail]

Jay Reynolds

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I doubt that they see many contrails in Peru. It's understandable that people see it and are not familiar with it.
Probably it was a slow news day.
Spanish speaking TV news outlets often sensationalizes things.
An interesting case, and it is winter in Peru.

Mick West

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Even made the mainstream, MSNBC "Possible meteorite shoots over Peru". Basically the media is just parroting anything that sounds interesting. They assume that someone upstream did some fact checking, so as soon as some trivia type bunk gets chucked in, it takes quite a bit for it to get stopped.

Sadly it makes the top of the page of video news about the Americas:

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I can not see the video in my region, Mick :( . I don't know the date of this notice, but the Cusco's video was recorded 12 days ago. In Channel N was said that the footage was dated from last thursday, buth the author says now that he lent the tape to a mate, (he didn't sent it to channel N) and the meteorite was fielmed 10 days ago (from thursday).
Here is the interview in RPP.

And this is the post in my blog. You can translate it to English with the google button in the upper right corner.

Mick West

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It's the same video on MSNBC, just with the reporter parroting the basic story from Peru.