Metabunk linked from article on "Truthers"

This Cracked article on Sandyhook conspiracies is titled "6 Horrifying Realities Of Dealing With Sandy Hook 'Truthers'"....number 4 features this:

Metabunk (Snopes' more conspiracy-minded cousin) ....
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congratulations on yet another recognition :)

apart from that the cracked article makes for grim reading:cool:

If you read the comments under the article or on Cracked's Facebook page, many of the commenters prove the whole point of the article quite well.
Good article.

I liked this passage in particular.

Conspiracy theorists often feel that they have no control over their lives in the grand scheme of things, but their theories at least assure them that there is a grand scheme. The people secretly running the world may be evil, but at least there's someone in charge, and we aren't randomly hurtling through space until we all die. Their lives matter. Now remember that picture of Noah in Pakistan? How could a supposed vast international conspiracy be so sloppy? Hoaxers thought the government did it on purpose to taunt them. That's their mindset: In a world where parents sometimes see their children murdered, the conspiracy theorists are really the ones in the middle of the story. It's all about them.
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