Max Bliss & David Lim - Genuine concern or fear mongering?

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Having done my research on these two, the jury is out. I can't make up my mind whether or not Max Bliss is a genuine 'good guy' who truly believes the utter garbage he spouts, or if David Lim really is as incompetent as he appears. Either way, what's clearly apparent is they both have agendas - which is to spread fear amongst their 'followers'.
I struggle to understand what's 'in it' for them? Max, according to his Facebook page, lives in Angoulême, France, yet regularly hops on a plane over to the UK to give talks to fellow chemtrailers - ironic really, given he's so against jet planes!
His Facebook page and recent posts say he now has a "genuine inside advisor" who will make it possible to "finally expose chemtrails"... yet (surprise surprise) he can give no information regarding who this advisor is, nor his role in the chemtrail movement, in order "to protect him". Isn't that always the way...
David Lim says he has "top secret information" that will "shake the hell out of the University arena" yet, similar to Max Bliss, is not prepared to give up this information. Well, not until he's finished his doctorate at Reading University anyway, which is convenient.
I wonder why a chap like David Lim, someone who could have a bright future and career ahead of him, would potentially ruin it all by name tagging the University he studies at, and clearly breech their security and/or privacy by claiming they are 'up to no good'.... and over what? Only Lim seems to know the answer to this!
[...] Does he really spend his time, between studying for his doctorate (and not doing much else it seems) giving talks up and down the country, out of the goodness of his heart, or is it all a sinister and intentional act for which Mr Lim has his own hidden agenda? Only time will tell...

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