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Marc Dugain's theory.... thoughts?


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From what I remember of reading the MH370 threads, the same fisherman's story was used to promote the idea that the plane LANDED at Diego Garcia, and everyone said it no way had the fuel to get there, so I assume the same would apply to it being shot down near there.


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It couldn't have gotten to Diego Garcia, though I suppose it could have gotten well within the range of a drone or fighter so that's irrelevant (I believe even on its original course it would have been in range).

However, here's the thing: hacking does not work like this.

First, a hacker can't just take remote control of a plane like that. Theoretically, you might be able to compromise the computer (if that thing is internet-facing I just want to reach through the internet and punch whoever thought that was a good design idea), but that doesn't give you control of flight systems on any commercial plane I know of (again, that's kind of a glaring design fault and not just a security failing if it can happen!). The best I think you could hope for is crashing the computer and potentially the plane.

Even if it did, rule 1 of computer security: Physical access is the trump card. It will be very obvious very quickly if the plane is obeying some outside inputs, at which point you pull damn the network plug and take command yourself. Your passengers might be pissed that they can't Tweet pictures of the obnoxious passenger in front of them, but they'll live, and more importantly, they won't die. The radio and other tracking/identification/communication systems don't work over any form of TCP/IP that I'm aware of.

This guy's watched too many awful Hollywood hacking movies.

Hollywood version: Hacker furiously typing away trying to get through the third firewall
Real version: Script running while the hacker is making a sandwitch
Hollywood version: Counter-hacker furiously typing away trying to keep the hacker from getting through the third firewall
Real version: IT guy unplugs the box. If it's something that important he notifies whoever's in charge of the other multicast sites that his node will be offline for the moment.
Hollywood version: Hacker using six computers scrolling Matrix text to break a bunch of encrypted passwords
Real version: Hacker calls the company he got the database from and says, "Yeah, this is Mitch at the San Diego office. We need to verify the key today..... Wait, was that M as in Mary or N as in.. uh... Ok, Mary, thanks." *click* (Stuff like this works distressingly often)
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but, but but... I can hack into any computer in the world from here.
I have seen that line in countless movies. Are you saying it isn't true?

next you'll be telling me that superman can't really fly., and that morphing hummers can't REALLY fit 3 missiles in each door and a fold down massive gun that comes out the roof and STILL have room for 2-3 people to sit perfectly normally.


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next you'll be telling me that superman can't really fly., and that morphing hummers can't REALLY fit 3 missiles in each door and a fold down massive gun that comes out the roof and STILL have room for 2-3 people to sit perfectly normally.
Superman can just jump really hard and puts his arms out to look like he's flying. The hummer, now, that's real. His name's Mike, though. Not sure where they got Ironhide from.


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Is it scientifically possible that Marc Dugain's Theory could actually be true?

EDIT....I realize this was a bit "abrupt"....NO. Answer is "No"...this has been discussed at length....."NO" is the answer.

The FACTS are relevant, and easily searched online about HOW MH370 was MISTAKENLY TARGETED and then shot down.


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Diego Garcia is one of my airlines designated emergency airfields in the Indian Ocean region. That wouldn't be so if they were at all trigger happy.

A terror attack on a remote airbase in the middle of the night makes little sense.


The guy is a *former* boss of a defunct air company, and is now a writer. A writer who seems to have collected a lot of the internet theories already out there to form a story. I wouldn't call it his theory, but rather a writer doing research for something.. book or movie.
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