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This post refers to a drill carried out in Manchester in 2016. It is unrelated to the May 2017 suicide bombing in the Manchester Arena.

Late last night UK security and emergency services held a mock terror attack involving 'suicide bombers' at the Trafford shopping centre in Manchester.


Needless to say the conspirasphere is seeing this as a practice run for another 'false flag' operation in the near future. eg...

from... https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=307507

That is to be expected, but there is no excuse for this...
Now many of us in the UK know The Daily Star is the very lowest of the tabloid gutter press, but this a new low in journalistic standards even for them. By reporting this story in this way not only are they in danger of spreading panic across the UK, but they are baking up a pile of bunk pies fresh to feed into conspiracy machine.

The fact is drills happen all the time, for disasters, unrest, pandemics, terrorist actions and every other conceivable incident. Over the past few months in the UK we have had major drills at Canary Wharf in London and at a Sheffield shopping centre, plus a drill for a crash on the London Tube system. In fact if you looked at the emergency services, security forces and local government planning world wide I would be suprised if a day went past where there wasn't a drill or training excersise going on.

Everyone who could be involved in an incident, terrorist or otherwise, from the SWAT teams right down to the Salvation Army mobile canteen and shelter staff needs to know what to do. And the only way to know what to do is to train for it. Be it a small scale paper and pen exercise or a full blown drill like the one on going in Manchester.

These drills are NOT harbingers of real incidents despite what the conspiracy crowd and the Daily Star may say.
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it has received attention in the MSM for the shouting of "Allahu Akbar"

"Police who staged a mock attack featuring a bomber shouting "Allahu Akbar" have been forced to apologise for racial stereotyping.

The exercise - criticised for using a fake "Muslim terrorist" - was to test the response of emergency services".


these types of stories always conflict me, on the one hand yes "Allahu Akbar" was insensitive

on the other, it seems to pander to the serial complainers and whingers who continually make such a big deal of it and tends to cloud re issues of institutional racism
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