Make money from your old contrail photo!


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It seems someone has offered $1000 for your old photo of an "X" or a "grid" pre 2001 - see this ATS thread for link to a facebook "offer"

It looks like you might have trouble collecting tho.....check out the conditions, then the changed conditions!

Chemtrails Over Auburn
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Saturday at 8:46am ·

  • If you can find a movie, photo, or any A/V that shows a contrail/chemtrail (specifically an X pattern or grid pattern) that was taken before 2001, I will give you $1000 cash prize for submitting and proving it. The fact that you will not find one, certainly helps my odds, but go grab that photo album and let me see what you see.

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    • Chris Totzauer The only logical explanation is that aliens went back in time (in cahoots with bigfoot) and gave the US government photoshop technology before World War 2. That makes far more sense than water condensation, right?
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn I think you all missed the point of this. If you can find a photo of a chemtrail like you see today, hash patterns, grids, etc, then send it over. The WWII article, literally is talking about contrails and how they changed the weather over Germany......See More
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    • Chris Totzauer What's the difference between googling "contrails" and "chemtrails" except the quality of the work behind the information? Seeing as this is, at its foundations, a discussion of aeronautical engineering and the propagation of air travel, wouldn't it be prudent to start with the basics - like how aircraft engines and air traffic work before jumping to conclusions?
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn Again, I am NOT ASKING FOR A PICTURE THAT YOU GOOGLED. Also...the fact that you have a picture of contrails from 1939-1945 just proves again that you are not listening to my request. A picture that you took, before 2001, like a family photo where you are at the beach, or at the wherever and just by chance, there is a "Chemtrail" or "contrail" that looks like the pictures we see here. The X's in the sky, I believe, were NOT seen before about 2002-4. So, if you can find a photo that you took, can prove it, and it shows a chemtrail, that was taken outside the subject matter of contrails/chemtraills..just a damn picture. I am not debating the fact that contrails can make patterns in the sky, what I am saying is that the "contrails" we see now are intentionally laid by pilots, in patterns, for purposes of geo engineering.
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn You have struck out 3 times. Nice. The whole point is to disregard the entire idea of chemtrails, blah fuck it. If you can find a picture that looks like the hash patterns and grid patterns, for example, if you have a picture of something like this, then that would prove that chemtrails DID exist before 2001, a date that is important due to the Space Preservation Act. Damn, so if you can find a picture like this, taken before 2001, that shows this type of pattern, no matter what the "cloud" or "contrail" or "chemtrail" is made of. Just find a picture like the one here, that is your own, taken before 2001, with proof of same. Star, you are actually dumb. Read my first post and I don't "keep changing it." Stop bitching and get out that photo album.

      By: Madisonstar Moon

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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn Star- you make no sense. I pay no one for bullshit
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn I specifically mentioned X patterns- you all are either really poor and/or lacking in the facts..seriously..sad sad
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn Tom- does it hurt that you can't meet my simple challenge? You present an absurd argument for me to prove a chemical by a photo..but all I ask is for you to find a photo..that is it...that is simple and you both fail.
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn If they are so persistent, then just send a pic with an X or a T, or a cross, whatever...since you cannot and have not yet, this is a moot point.
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn And still, I see no picture from before 2001 besides some google bullshit that is specifically about here are desperate.
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    • Chris Totzauer "Google bullshit" - an apt name for the chemtrail arguments. No science, all argumentum ad ignorantium.
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    • Dave Willard I got real excited when I read this request....and I have found tons of photos that fit the criteria you set forth. But there are two problems: Someone already beat me to it and you decided to change your criteria after the request was made. It's not cool to go back on your word. Bad form! Even worse, since the COA FB page can be considered an organization (using it for documentary?) and not a "personal page", it's possible that you could be held liable if you don't pay up. It will be interesting to see what happens here. I'm taking screenshots in case anyone needs em. If I were you COA, I'd be a lot more careful about how you make these silly requests....
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    • Chad Virgin
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn I see a few pictures..none that look remotely like a Chemtrail, I did see an X, so I am CONSIDERING giving up the $ to Tom Parsons, who actually found some that look close. They are obvious contrails, labeled as such, which is the part that I am trying to avoid. If you search for any picture on the net, that is basically cheating..but I didn't specify since I thought most of you weren't dicks. However, Tom, you at least followed the rules. Congratulations at least. Still, I see no scanned pictures, and more importantly, absolutely no proof of the pictures taken. If you can prove to be that those pictures in the 1995-1999 category were taken then, then you win.
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn Just to re-iterate: I am looking for a picture of a X or multiple Xs in the sky, preferably taken by you or your family, before 2001, and then uploaded to here. If you post a link without a direct upload, all gets a bit fishy there.
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn The admin has a BS in Applied Science, so, no I am not new at this. I have done my own research for about 4 months, taking my own photos and videos. The only logical conclusion I can come to is that of the many forms that chemtrails take. Project Cloverleaf is just one of hundreds of pieces to the puzzle, including patents for the actual chemicals, flight patterns that are quite obviously laying a grid, etc, etc. The list goes on and on. There is a LOAD of government documents that point to the fact that this is happening. I know it is hard to understand, but look at the facts, decide for yourself, and then move on. I only keep spreading the word because I believe that, good or bad, people have the right to know that this is happening.
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn Star- I have tracked the is a link to what I found on

      Chemtrails Over Auburn
      This site was created because I have seen the skies over my city of Auburn, AL t...See More
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn I feel bad for you guys...I really do. I hope one day it becomes so apparent, or they just tell us. I can't understand why you would even want to blast people and so vehemently deny the arguments. I made this post to also make a point: people only share stuff if it is "sensatonal" or if you can gain money off it. That explains the 153 shares, but only 25 organic. Total farse, making fun of people like Star Bricker, Jay Uzi, Cara Lee, and Tom Parsons. Broke much?
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn "I can prove that the rocket programs in the United States are releasing trimethyl aluminum, aluminum oxide, barium..I can prove the rocket programs in the United States are just coating us with toxic chemicals all the time" Then she goes on the explain where you can find these programs. She does say that she has no proof of the chemtrails, but never said she didn't think it wasn't happening. And I had no idea who the fuck she was before this post, so I am starting at step one, thinking for myself, and being much smarter than most people (That is not bragging, that is on paper), I think I can figure this out myself. I appreciate you bring that random person up, however.
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn She is being highly cautious, not wanting to involve herself in something she has no direct proof of. Being that she is the Founder of California Skywatch, she has a lot to lose. That is my opinion. Make sure you read that last word carefully.
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn She is wrong about the fact that "chemtrail" has no military definition. Section 7 of the Space Preservation Act of 2001 DID define chemtrail. Now, they also did change the language of the act in 2002, deleting the word "chemtrail" and the reference to high level and low level weapons systems.
      To preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the President to take action to adopt and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESEN...

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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn That is true, I am new at this. Being a 28 year old, educated person, and finding this, putting it together, watching dozens (literally) of hours of footage from BOTH sides, finding the government documents, didn't take me long at all.
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn and what the hell is a "discarded tin foil hat" and "tin foil" is made of aluminum, not tin. Unless you are in like 1965 and it might be made of actual tin.
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    • Chemtrails Over Auburn Persistent contrails? How do I know they didn't disappear 20 seconds later, even a minute later is pretty normal for a contrail. Even though that picture is of a plane, specifically the type of picture that proves nothing on either side, just makes it even weaker. If that were a picture of a lake, or any normal setting, it would somewhat more credible. Meh.
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Cool. Mick, this IS your chance to get teh money to run the metabunk-server for the next years. Take your copy of "Clouds of the world" and get the money! :)


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It has to be a photo YOU took least that is the latest iteration of the conditions - it might have changed since then...


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sorry - it seems the offer has now been rescinded (see the ATS thread I referenced above) and all posts relating to it removed.

But perhaps someone might post such a photo anyway....just to make a point?


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I have him at least allowing me to post for a bit. Can I get some links to help explain to him what he is seeing.

I am still fairly new to the chemtrail issue and I know I have seen things here, but my hubby needs me to put on supper right now


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And the thread has been removed from ATS - not sure why - maybe the solicitation or money contravenes their TOC's.
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