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Reader: "HAARP Status Site is BS"
Posted By: hobie
Date: Monday, 29-Oct-2012 16:21:38
(Thanks, d. :)
(sta = SurfingTheApocalypse.com)
Reader d. writes:
I've seen this site referenced here [and] on sta and urbansurvival. There was a good discussion of this on sta. This site claims to be measuring haarp readings but doesnt give any explanation as to what they are measuring with what type of equipment.
Pinkorchid on sta posted this site:
Maybe you could post this link because this haarp status site is increasing unnecessary hype about this storm being manipulated. It may be manipulated but this site is not a good reference as proof.

Later that day....

Metabunk is Bunk
Posted By: truesong
Date: Monday, 29-Oct-2012 20:07:16
In Response To: Reader: "HAARP Status Site is BS" (hobie)
and proven to be junk, including the spook with the phony shades. I say this in reference to previous posts from this character about the "conspiracy theory" re: chemtrails and geo-engineering.
This "conspiracy theory" is founded on scientific testing of soil, water, and air particulates across our country. Plus the simple human perception of what we see with our own eyes, and conclude with our own God-given human intelligence.
This spook has no (known) valid credentials of his own, so is not in a position to criticize the creds of others.
I don't personally know about the credibility of the HAARP status site, but I do personally testify about the lack of credibility of Metabunk.


Of course he doesn't say what exactly is the bunk he is talking about plus, the article that he is mentioning was written by Mick who provided links to his sources. also, he didn't do this research. Although a large portion of the website is dedicated to Chemtrails, we do not produce any info, we just take it from other sites and debunk theories. Looks as if someone didn't do their research.
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