Locked Threads Inaccessible to Public Viewing?


I notice the "Poking Holes" thread is locked and whilst I fully appreciate why you did that I wondered if you were aware Mick that when you locked the thread to prevent further posts, it becomes inaccessible to non registered public viewing, i.e. you have to sign in to even see the content, which is effectively as good as deleting the thread altogether.

Also apparently internet searches do not pick up on the content either, i.e.

From Pete's post: "Cairenn's a warmonger now?" results in
Similarly, a search for "Oxy wants an argument with me. He doesn't seem to bother to read what I post, unless if involves him." brings up no results.

Whilst from a different thread "(Tanker Enemy) is another one that likes to spin stories." results in
I expect this is an unintended consequence as it would appear inapproriate that after people have spent time and effort posting on this site that all that work would become a waste. Especially as the poster above is complaining that "I agree. If you try and correct them they simply block and remove comments"

Perhaps you could please look into it and fix the problem.

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Mick West

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It does not show up as it is in "rambles" not because it is locked. Really the lack of politeness should result in post deletion and possible bans. I'm a bit busy now though.

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