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9/11 threads

9/11 on this website, is quite popular to say the least. the amounts of threads created on this topic in the past few days is quite astonishing. So, in order for people to see all of the threads without having to dig through countless pages of threads, they will all be here, easily available.

Is this photo consistent with a progressive collapse?

-The most explosive 9/11 thread, probably ever. I think it is one of the most comprehensive threads on 9/11, but Mick disagrees.

Seismic analysis indicative of explosions.

Here's a rather detailed seismic analysis conducted by Dr. Andre Rousseau, in which he details why seismic readings taken during the events of 9/11 are indicative of explosions, and that above-surface collisions (the planes) and the ensuing collapses cannot account for the seismic evidence, as suggested by those who initially reviewed it.
Debunk it.
Were the planes drones, how hard is flying a 767 into a building?

Delete the word “Planes” and instead insert Drones. A pilot-less drone is of course still an aircraft, but it was not a Boeing 757 or 767 as widely assumed.
Here the London Telegraph and the BBC report as far back as 23 September 2001 that the so called Muslims hijackers are actually alive and well so forget them.
If the buildings were hit by anything they were pilot-less drones. This doesn’t change anything of course because we still need to establish who are the real terrorists .

Did flight AA77 Hit The Pentagon?

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Flight 77 shot down in mountains of W. Virginia

I just listened to a radio interview with a controller from Boston Center (google video). He states clearly that three of the flights were tracked continuously on 9/11 - on radar - even after two had turned off their transponders. They were NEVER off radar. Flight 77 disappeared from radar over the mountains of W. Virginia. There is only one explanation for this. Flight 77 was SHOT DOWN over the mountains of West Virginia. This was part of the plan. What struck the Pentagon had only been picked up on radar for 60 miles or so as it approached - as evidenced by Norm Mineta's 9/11 Commission testimony, and reinforced by the air traffic controllers interview ("it popped up on radar").

-Quoted by Oxymoron
Debunked: Osama bin Laden photo and video comparison.

This might be irrelevant but, let's take a look at this picture, since it was mentioned before in this thread his picture is often used to point out that this is not Osama, and that the video was faked by the US government in order to prove that Osama was the cause for 9/11.

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Mick's 9/11 WTC Debunking Resources

9/11 conspiracy theories are not going to go away, even though they have largely been debunked in quite some detail. There are always going to be people new to the theories who are simply no familiar with the rebuttals, or have rejected the rebuttals on spurious ground.

Debunking is not about picking a "side" of an argument, and trying to argue for that side. It's about identifying and exposing bunk in the evidence surrounding that argument

Molten Steel - Was there any? Why? What About the Hot Spots?

Jet fuel can not melt steel and even if you believed that ridiculous story, building 7 was not even hit by a jet. It was one football field length away from the other 2 towers and all 3 buildings collapsed in a matter of hours. We have numerous examples in history of raging infernos that last for days where the skyscrapers were left standing tall but completely gutted from the fire. Years after this, we discover nano-thermite in the dust.

[h=2]PNAC Motive and Opportunity as evidence of an inside job [/h]

Interesting and insightful answer. You make a good point about the suspicion being a precursor to the proof.
Would you agree that such criteria as motive, opportunity, ability and pre statement of intent would have bearing, at least as far as suspicion?

They are relevant in identifying suspects. But then you've got to see if there's any actual evidence.
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