Let's imagine the actual area of the sky, above....


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...OK. This is math that might be beyond me, and I'm hoping that others will feel free to chime in, and help.

Here is the proposal (to dispute the myth of a concerted "spraying" effort, by showing how absurd it is, using math and geometry).

I personally (amongst others) might be remembered for my example of the "50-foot diameter, one-mile long contrail" math comparison (a nearly 12 MILLION cubic feet in volume, by the way).

Adding....the link: http://www.online-calculators.co.uk/volumetric/cylindervolume.php

Simply enter the radius, and the length...or "height"....but our imaginary cylinder is lying horizontal... (in my example, radius = 25. length = 6,076 (1 Nautical Mile, in feet).

But, I have decided to enlist the brain power of MB to help with this other math and geometry question:

The actual area that must be encompassed by the so-called "chemtrails" that are said to have been 'sprayed' such that they "Cover the Sky".

We can come up with an agreed vertical thickness (maybe?). Then, knowing the field of view from the Earth's surface, we can calculate the area, in square miles, square meters (metres), or square kilometers (kilometres)....whatever is the most comfortable unit. (ALL can be converted, easily).

Frankly, I'm "exhausted" at this point.

But, I hope that this 'challenge' might invigorate others.
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well the radius of visible sky at 30,000 feet is about 212 miles, so the area is pi*r*r = 141,195 square miles..

Each 1 mile (statute!) long 50 foot section covers about 0.0095 sq miles.

so you need about 1,486,631 such mile-long contrails to "cover the sky"

Less if there are hills making the 30,000 foot horizon a bit closer.

Does that help??



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Does that help??

Yes, it helps. Keep it coming.

(For reference....just a simple arc of sky overhead not allowing for any thickness, has an area....if the maths previously mentioned are correct, would need about 1,4 million of my suggested contrails, in view.....for everyone who claims that the sky is "covered in chemtrails").

ETA....I re-considered, and seems that my "50-foot diameter" value was used....so, now we have a sky cover, horizon-to-horizon.....for any ONE viewer on the ground....ALONG with the thickness, or vertical aspect. Oh my! This gets ever more difficult for the "chem"trail promoters!!

I could be mistaken, but I don't think there are that many airliners in the world..........

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The area encompassed by a circle subtended by a given angle from the zenith increases by the square of the tangent of that angle, as opposed to linearly or exponentially. Just saying.
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