Lets finally debunk Nico and Marco Kaschuba (video hoaxers)


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I have had my fill with these 2 brothers (Nico and Marco) out of Germany so I started snooping around and got a plethora of information about who created this (and many more) UFO hoax videos that were going viral. They get millions of views on their hoax videos and try and pass them off as authentic. What they are doing is actually perpetrating a hoax, deception and outright lie:

I posted that I was on to him and he immediately took my comment down, lol. If it is a legit UFO, why would you take a comment down that just states I am onto you? Very shady.

Here's another xxxdonutzxxx / Kaschuba connection:
"Saucer UFO Spotted Over Monument Valley (Video)"

The whois lists their parent website of audiocolorworld.com as http://whois.domaintools.com/audiocolorworld.com

The whois reports Nico registering out of:
Reutlingen, Germany (zip code 72770 to be exact)

A Spanish UFO website finally listed Nico's brothers name here: https://revistavocesdelmisterio.wor...impactante-un-ovni-es-filmado-desde-un-avion/
Notice the words in the text, "El video es un CGI publicado en el canal 07TV, donde publican dos de los mayores hoaxers de la escena actual, como son Nico Kaschuba y su hermano Marco"
which translates into:
"The video is a CGI 07TV published in the canal, where they publish two major hoaxers of the current scene such as Nico and his brother Marco Kaschuba"

Nico Kaschuba has created a fake YouTube channel (it got banned for terms of service violations) when they were exposed by Thehoaxkiller.com but Nico changed the video titles from [HOAX] to [REAL]. Here is the proof. Do you see how many layers of deception this is? Nico Kaschuba creates a YouTube channel called "The Hoax Killers" but labels fake UFO's as "REAL". How does he sleep at night lying like this?


They have been creating UFO hoax videos on an industrial scale as this video reveals:

Here is some of a few channels and domain names associated with the Kaschuba brothers:

YouTube UFO Channels:
7thArea This channel is not available.
hoaxkillers "This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement" (tried to impersonate the REAL thehoaxkiller.com that exposed them)

Other YouTube Channels:
KaschubaTV This channel is not available.
NKaschuba This channel is not available.

Probable Sock Accounts:
MavelTV "This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement"
globalhappening Dead and buried
LaMusicaELaMiaVita89 This channel is not available.

Funny how they keep becoming unavailable isn't it?

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It kind of looks like the guy crossing the street in this video does it not? Why do you never see their face in the videos? I thought they wanted to be famous by posting so many UFO videos? Do they want to get famous or not? I am helping them after all!

If these hoaxers want fame I say we give it to them! They deserve it!
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