Len Horowitz 'Chemtrail flu'.

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Not sure if this has enough substance to take seriously, but...

The main claim -
So the ethylene dibromide in the contrails create the initial condition for the manufactured microplasma which sets off other conditions which suits the plans of the Masons/Nazis/Rockefellers.

(EPA hazard summary)

I don't know if he's claiming the ethylene dibromide is specifically added to the fuel and deliberately 'sprayed' or if it's just always been there as part of jet fuel combustion and the immune suppression of the entire population is just a happy side-effect that the conspirators have capitalised on with their manufactured pathogen, in keeping with their biowar population suppression aims.
He does relate it to high-altitude military aircraft emissions.

The patent relating to the manufactured pathogen claim is this (I think):


(some of the conspiracy claims for this patent are made on Rense reprinting a Nexus article here...

The other three-quarters just spins a hodgepodge of the usual players, making the same attempt to connect every single thing in existence into one grand evil narrative.
But I think this story is a slight new variation on a chemtrail theme, which he's picked up to further his own conspiracy work.

The Doctors Horowitz and Puleo have granted worldwide distribution rights of the Urbani SARS Formula to World Natural Cures, LLC, a firm directed by Mr. John Mills. Mr. Mills can be contacted at 1-800-336-9266 or via e-mail at john@cureforsars.net. The product is available in four formulations, including the Extra Strength Tincture, the Standard Urbani SARS Formula, the Extra Strength Homeopathic, and a nasal spray. The first three are prescribed the same way: "Apply nine drops under the tongue three times per day for up to nine days."

Because the proprietary formulas are not toxic in the manufactured amounts, the dosage does not have to be reduced for children, although the homeopathic remedy is especially recommended for young children and infants. Costs for the two-ounce bottles are extremely reasonable compared to the risky antiviral drugs and steroids currently prescribed for SARS.
The products may be ordered at:
or by calling toll-free at 1-888- 508-4787.

So, quite a lot of potential bunk in his background.

Two main claims that can either be confirmed or debunked - ethylene dibromide is present in jet fuel, military or otherwise; there is a manufactured pathogen related to US patent 5,242,820 infecting everyone.

(and another is whether there the mainstream media is reporting a 'mystery flu' epidemic. Couldn't find any reports)

*Actually the book is called 'Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse'. Here is the best Amazon review...

Pete Tar

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Wow Jay, that's a great article. I'll post the info about ethylene dibromide here, as well as Len's response.
JP-8+100 and Ethylene dibromide

The jet fuel additive +100 was developed at the Dayton University Research Institute http://www.udayton.edu/news/nr/050598.html to improve combustion and reduce maintenance of military aircraft. Dr. Steve Zabarnick, Ph.D., one of the developers, wrote:
�JP-8+100 is composed of three components: an antioxidant, a metal deactivator, and a dispersant. The antioxidant and metal deactivator species are common components that have been present in jet fuels, gasolines, and other petroleum products for many decades. The dispersant is a proprietary formulation of BetzDearborn HPG Inc. Ethylene dibromide is NOT a component of this package and, as far as I know, has never been used in jet fuel.�(7)

Ethylene dibromide(EDB) was for several decades used in leaded gasoline to scavenge and prevent lead deposition in automotive engines. It was also used to fumigate soils and grain during storage. It�s use in the US was suspended in 1983.
EDB is considered highly toxic, carcinogenic, and can affect reproduction. The half-life of EDB is less than 48 hours in rats, chicks, mice, and guinea pigs. EDB has a half-life of 1 day in river water, and about five days in lake water.
EDB decomposes when heated or in sunlight and cooking dramatically reduces EDB levels in foods. Plants are unable to take EDB up from soil, thus accumulation is not likely.(8) http://ace.orst.edu/cgi-bin/mfs/01/pips/edb.htm?8#mfs
Since EDB rapidly vaporizes into a gas, it's effectiveness as a chemical agent dispersed at high altitude would be limited. Since it degrades through oxidation reaction when heated, and jet combustion temperatures exceed 1000F, it's use as a chemical agent delivered in this way would be worthless.

Dear Mr. Reynolds,

Thank you for your well researched and written article concerning the contrail or "chemtrail" issue. I, like many other concerned citizens and researchers was persuaded by the circulating warnings regarding EDB. I was unaware that Richard Finke who edited and condensed Larry Wayne Harris's book was the source of this possible hoax. Had I known this, I certainly would have used greater caution myself as Mr. Harris's propagandist and counterintelligence exploits on behalf of himself and the Central Intelligence Agency was diagnosed and documented by me many months ago. ...

He goes on to repeat claims of a mystery epidemic possibly related to chemicals.
Did that ever get any ground?

I posted the relevant info to the original facebook post that brought it to my attention.
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