Legal implications of conspiracy belief.

David Fraser

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Back in 2013 an off duty soldier, Lee Rigby, was attacked and killed near his barracks in the UK. The 2 culprits claimed it was a case of jihad. However so conspiracy theorists claimed it was a false flag with one going so far as to claim that it never happened and Lee Rigby was never killed. A major instigator of this belief was a certain Christopher Spivey, who went so far as to harass the family of the soldier with his claims. However Spivey recently was prosecuted for his harassment and received a 6 month sentence, suspended for 2 years (a suspended sentence means if he appears before the court over the 2 years he will have to serve his time). Also he has a been placed under a restraining order not to discuss the killing over the internet.

I don't know how other nations approach this situation but it is the first time I have heard of there been a prosecution like this.


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There was David Truelove, who stole the memorial signs. I think he made a phone call to one of the mothers also? Maybe that was someone else. I was not able to find if Truelove stood trial though.


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There was David Truelove, who stole the memorial signs. I think he made a phone call to one of the mothers also? Maybe that was someone else. I was not able to find if Truelove stood trial though.
He got jail time but its hard to tell what piece of the sentence was for harrassment because it sounds like he had priors AND he had stolen merchandise charge for taking the sign.

A kid named Jonathon Reich kinda got the same. Cant remember if he got probation, but im thinking he did. He was (at least temporarily) ordered to not post online and 17 month probation (well, according to the Hoaxers.. so who knows) etc.

He was able to hire good lawyers so i'm pretty sure (based on how things work in Connecticut) he got probation and had to talk to psychiatrist (which basically everyone in Connecticut has to do if you appear before a judge).

add: yea this kid got probation too and we know from previous news he had to talk to a psychiatrist too.
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