"Leaked" Five Eyes Intelligence Report


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Apparently, there is a "leaked" intelligence report that "China lied about origin of coronavirus" that has been circulating around mainstream media over the past couple days. Is there a PDF of this report, or some way to verify it's contents?

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It seems like it was "obtained by The Daily Telegraph" in Australia, and not leaked to the internet. All the other media reports seems to be based on this one story:
The Australian Daily Telegraph (called the Saturday Telegraph for the Saturday edition) is a tabloid. They don't seem to have super-high journalistic standards. So far there's little reporting of the story in mainstream media.


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There seems to be a little pushback in Australia as well: https://www.smh.com.au/politics/fed...-s-wuhan-lab-virus-claim-20200504-p54pk3.html

Senior members of the Australian intelligence community told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age a research document shared in political circles under the Five Eyes intelligence arrangement was mostly based on news reports and contained no material from intelligence gathering.

A 15-page "dossier" has been widely quoted by local and international media about China's alleged cover-up of the virus. Australian intelligence officials have since identified a research report which was based entirely on open source material. The officials said it was likely the reports were the same.

Interesting. It would still be nice to see the actual report and scrutinize it further, but for now, this is all I can find. Seems to be a lot of bunk in the making.
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