Jihadists On Trial In Canada Mention "Chemtrails" As Motivation

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During a recent trial in Vancouver, Canada, two Canadians on trial for attempting to bomb public buildings are heard discussing "chemtrails" in a recording played for the jury.

Bumbling idiots or jihadi warriors? Tapes played at B.C. terrorism trial support both views
VANCOUVER — It was late May 2013. Accused terrorist John Nuttall was basking in the glow of a West Coast sunset and bathing in self-aggrandizement. He would soon die a martyr for jihad, or so he thought.


All this was caught on police surveillance videotape and played to a jury this week at the couple’s terrorism trial in B.C. Supreme Court. Mr. Nuttall and Ms. Korody are accused of conspiring to plant and explode homemade bombs at the legislative buildings in Victoria. Recent converts to Islam and living in suburban Vancouver, where they attended various mosques, they eventually caught the attention of police.


An elaborate undercover sting was launched. For several months in 2013, Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers posing as like-minded jihadists accompanied the couple on a path to supposed martyrdom, helping plan their attack and build what the pair thought were deadly improvised explosive devices.

The bombs — if not the two accused — were harmless dummies. Mr. Nuttall and Ms. Korody had walked straight into a police trap.

They were arrested on Canada Day, 2013, the day their bombs were supposed to have detonated, killing scores of revellers on the legislature grounds. Their trial began two months ago in Vancouver. The Crown has already played for the jury long pieces of police surveillance recordings; they showed the couple plotting, ranting and bickering, putting themselves in an unflattering, alleged terrorist light.

But this week, Mr. Nuttall’s defence lawyer played in court lengthy portions of the police tape the Crown had decided to leave out; the segments could support the defence position, that Mr. Nuttall and Ms. Korody were led down a criminal path by overzealous police.

In some surveillance video segments played this week, Mr. Nuttall comes off as a whacked-out anti-Semite and conspiracy theorist, and his wife as a subservient, niqab-wearing drone. They seem like putty in the hands of the seasoned undercover Mountie posing as their main jihadist contact and a second “brother,” in fact another undercover officer.


Mr Nuttall, Ms. Korody and the second “brother” took a guided tour through their alleged target. Afterward, an excited Mr. Nuttall told the other undercover officer the buildings were filled with Stars of David, plus “Masonic and Illuminati symbols” and “the number of the beast.”

He recalled having seen unmarked white airplanes flying in cross-over pattern over his Surrey, B.C., home. He spoke of “chemtrails” — supposedly, chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere from planes, but in fact just another ludicrous conspiracy theory.

Governments use chemtrails to control population growth, Mr. Nuttall is heard insisting on the police surveillance tape played this week. After spotting them over Surrey, he recalled, “the next day I blow my nose [and] this yellow dust comes out of my nostrils.”

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It is important that the exact statement about "chemtrails" referred to in the article above be found. If anyone can do so I would appreciate that.
It is important that the exact statement about "chemtrails" referred to in the article above be found. If anyone can do so I would appreciate that.

Why is it important? Clearly he's just a conspiracy theorist that believes every conspiracy theory.

Mentally ill people who happen to believe in chemtrails are not the same thing as people doing things because they believe in chemtrails. Nuttall is an easily led Jihadist with mental and drug problems, chemtrails is just flavoring here.
I titled this thread using the term "mention" to explain what I know so far about how the subject of "chemtrails" may or may not have been involved.

I feel it is important to establish some level of context which is not available from the news article. At this point without such context I don't think one can establish how significant the subject of chemtrails actually was for Nuttall.
From his own statement it seems clear enough to me that he is more a Jihadist than simply someone who believes in a conspiracy theory, and was willing to attempt violent action in furtherance of the ordinary Jihadi goals. I expect that eventually we will see much more of this sort of thing.

It has been discussed before:

And there are ample and ever-mounting signs that many chemtrail believers are thinking along those lines.

april 2,2015 A-14-15 WESTCOASTNEWS

Rambling Nuttall spouts nonsense
Confused: Bomb plot trial hears accused’s wild conspiracy theories, fanciful versions of history
From seeing the Star of David on the Canadian $5 bill to believing there were nuclear missiles at Nanoose Bay, accused terrorist John Nuttall lived in a unique world.

In B.C. Supreme Court on Wednesday, more examples of his odd mental processes were evident in surveillance recordings capturing him dictating his will while nodding off and spouting nonsense about world politics.

At one point, Nuttall explained how an obstreperous, shoeless drunk Somali dressed as a pirate was really a messenger from Allah.

“For me it’s too late, but for you the time is now,” the man told Nuttall, who interpreted it as a sign to embrace jihad.

The 40-year-old and his wife Amanda Korody, 31, supposedly copycats of the Boston Marathon bombers, have pleaded not guilty to four terrorism-related charges in connection to an alleged plot to detonate pressure-cooker explosives at the Legislature on Canada Day in 2013.

But as their trial enters its third month, the jury is seeing more and more material the prosecution says is irrelevant but Nuttall’s lawyer insists is essential to understanding his state of mind during the elaborate RCMP sting that snared the couple.

For the first weeks of the trial, the Crown presented surveillance footage showing a focused Nuttall and Korody creating timers and planting inert bombs in Victoria.

Now jurors are seeing a dithering, confused, often reluctant and seemingly addled Nuttall seeking approval and direction from an undercover officer he admires and wants to impress.

Korody seems under Nuttall’s domination, timid and extremely ill from her addiction and other health problems. She rarely speaks.

When she wants to go to the washroom when they are out, Nuttall insists she talks with no one. He also reminds her sharply to wear a veil or head covering.

“Just remember it’s not me you are obeying. It’s Allah,” he reminds her.

Throughout the myriad secret recordings made by police, Nuttall slurs his words, speaks sluggishly and occasionally appears to nod off from the effects of using methadone and sleeping only an hour a night because of stress — he worries about his mother who is threatening to commit suicide, his teenage sister who is pregnant out of wedlock, and his younger brother who has been jailed for stabbing four people.

The surveillance also captures Nuttall explaining his wild conspiracy theories and fanciful notions of history.

For instance, he thinks the government is engaged in population control using GMO products and the aerial-spraying of chemical poison from white planes without markings or windows that can be distinguished from ordinary aircraft because one leaves a “contrail,” the other a “chemtrail.”

Nuttall called air traffic control to complain one day when they created a tick-tack-toe pattern in the sky. They told him to get lost — about the same welcome he received from local Muslims when he turned up at the mosque looking for an AK-47.

Still, Nuttall could always tell when the planes had sprayed because of a yellow drip he got in his left nostril.

Although he was raised a Christian and became a Satanist for awhile, since embracing Islam Nuttall seems to have entered a world of Koranic literalism, peopled by angels and jinn.

And he appears to have soaked up the most hateful Muslim extremist propaganda like a sponge.

During a reconnaissance tour of Victoria on May 25, 2013, he held out a $5 bill to an undercover officer acting as his tour guide and told him there was a Star of David hidden in its design.

“Wow, eh?” replied the Mountie, who was pretending to be part of an extremist group. “I haven’t seen that one.”

“It’s the Zionist occupied government,” Nuttall said.

He added that he wanted to fire homemade rockets at the legislature because “Canada has been giving $6 million a day to these Jews to kill Palestinians — and that’s nothing compared to what the Americans have given them.”

After visiting the capital, he told his key RCMP contact that he had learned a lot — and seen plenty of proof the government had an allegiance to the Queen.

“It’s no coincidence the Queen is printed on our money,” Nuttall insisted with a straight face.

Oh, shortly afterwards, speaking like a somnambulist giving dictation to his wife, Nuttall said that after he died he didn’t want women to wail or mourners to rip their clothes. “Be happy for me.” If you could laugh out loud in the courtroom, you could sell tickets to this show trial.
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Well you know, "Everyone" knows that all muslims are terrorists and they like AKs, so where else would you go to find one? This is what happens when impressionable people are fed stupid ideas.