Is this Video Real? RU Missile hits building behind a UA Volunteer


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This is the video currently going around on reddit:



"here is the report, we've spent all the money just now, POS terminals are working, we bought stuff and delivered it, as for further fundraising... HITS"

I dont know what it is but this video just seems off to me.

It reminds me of these fake ufo encounter videos where someone starts filming, talking about something random just to witness and record a special event. Theres no dropping of the phone, he even holds on to his cigarette without flinching. The particles seem off to me as well.

I can remember seeing at least two other similar videos shot from the out and inside where the sound of the missile seemed to be exactly the same, but I have a hard time
finding them again. If I find them Ill post them for sound wave comparison.

Anyone with more after effects knowledge than me who has a better eye for such videos?

What do you guys think?

PS: Im not saying the russians dont hit seemingly civilian targerts, theres plenty of evidence.