Is this a better way to title threads?

Gary Cook

Active Member
Hi folks,

I was looking through some forum topics and I was wondering if it would be more objective to name topics with the claimed evidence as well as the theory rather than just the theory? This could be adopted as the convention for the forum when posting new threads maybe?


'Debunked: USA governments stockpiling ammo to kill civilians because they are buying so much'.

Rather than just........

'Debunked: USA governments stockpiling ammo to kill civilians'.

The reason I say that is because of clarity. To me some of the posts sound like they are debating whether the government would do such a thing rather than just focusing on the claim.

It is the impression outsiders and newcomers get that concerns me and I speak from experience as being new here myself.

Just wondering what others think about this?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


Mick West

Staff member
It think it varies on a case by case basis. I edit the titles quite frequently. But in this case the conversation had moved on.

Pete Tar

Senior Member.
It's a good idea but sometimes the subtleties of the case would be too long to put into a title and have to be addressed in the opening post. So it has to be shortened to a general headline, like newspapers do (though they can be much more misleading with theirs). But sure, wherever possible it's good to be more precise.

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