Is Joe Rogan the Modern High Priest of UFO Folklore?


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I would argue that more than the Bigelows, the Mellons, the Elizondos, the Lazars, the DeLonges, the Vallées and the Keans out there -- who are ultimately perceived more fringe than mainstream -- it's Joe Rogan and interviews as the one below that keep the UFO myth alive amongst the mainstream.

A clip from Joe Rogan's recent interview with Michael Shermer:


Michael Shermer does a somewhat cringy job in responding to Joe Rogan's UFO arguments. He appears nervous and unable to respond with focus, poignancy and technical rigour. I'm not saying it wouldn't be nerve-wracking to be on Joe's podcast and to try to disagree with the modern phenom that is Joe on the latter's pet infatuations. Shermer doesn't seem to have ever really properly gone through any of Mick's debunks. In the interview he puts the debunkers/skeptics in a poor light with his hesitant, partly pandering and partly questioning responses which are all fuzzy, weak and all over the place. He never mentions Mick but he rather mentions Avi Loeb. He hasn't really acquainted himself with the Pentagon UFO flap and the latest reports, hearings and developments.

The interview is essentially one 'celebrity' journalist speaking to another less-than-reputed journalist on things neither boast a good technical knowledge about, and where the more seasoned and confident one (Rogan) pretty much overpowers the other.

Is Joe Rogan the modern ufology "high priest"? Is he the single-handedly most influential person in preserving and propagating modern mainstream UFO folklore?

I'd say yes. It would be nice to see Mick West back in Joe's podcast after a 5-year hiatus and so many developments and debunks in between.