Iran promotes anti-semetic conspiracy theories via American Herald Tribune


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In January 2020 CNN broke the story that the newspaper American Herald Tribune was a front for the Iranian state media:

The new details about alleged Iranian ties to the American Herald Tribune shed light on how the country has attempted to run a years-long covert online influence campaign targeting the United States. As Russia did around the 2016 election, Iran appears to have co-opted and in this case paid a small number of unwitting Americans to lend legitimacy to its operations.

They cited Facebook, which has taken down the newspaper's page due to Iranian ties, Google and Twitter, which have taken similar action, social media investigator Josh Russel, and the internet security company FireEye.

The website MediaBiasFactCheck has this to say about the Tribune:

The editor, Tony Hall has penned many controversial stories that fall within the conspiracy genre. Dr. Hall has promoted the use of false flags as seen here: The Trudeau Government and False Flag Terrorism in Canada and promotion that 9/11 was an inside job. In this article written by David Steele there is promotion of the deep state conspiracy as well highly negative speech directed at Israel and Jews. This author also has appeared on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ Infowars program.

Evidently, this is a genuine conspiracy to promote false conspiracy theories for political purposes.
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