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This one is odd - chemtrail conspiracy theorist (Terry Lawton again) calls advertiser of "weather modifications services" to enquire about stopping the heavy rainfalls that are currently hitting his homeland

OK, he admits it wasn't a serious request, rather a ruse to garner evidence of something.

However, there's something sketchy about this company - possibly worthy of it's own thread?

Here's their promo video

It's actually just a startup company needing funding and managed to get some MSM air-time

They're called Rain On Request but a little digging throws up some unexpected results. Whois is a good start

A bit of company registration info from

I'm sure someone will join dots with the Israel link but it's the business relationship to Aviation that's intrigued me, especially as their proposed system uses a HAARP-esque technology, not aircraft. Perhaps it's nothing more than a website admin managing several unrelated company's sites?
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I'm sure someone will join dots with the Israel link but it's the business relationship to Aviation that's intrigued me, especially as their proposed system uses a HAARP-esque technology, not aircraft. Perhaps it's nothing more than a website admin managing several unrelated company's sites?

The address (610 SW 34th St) is on Fort Lauderdale airport. There seem to be lots of aircraft services companies based there, as you'd expect.


David Gitman, who seems to be the only employee of Rain on Request, is also a manager of Monarch Air Group, a leasing/charter firm based in the same location. So it may be that this is just a side project for him, and he uses his main office address.



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So it may be that this is just a side project for him, and he uses his main office address.

Without paying I can't find much company info but it seems David is an inventor/entrepeneur (or wannabe). I found one filing record for the Rain Precipation service showing $46K turnover (and the reporting site showed this as 145% down on last year) but nothing about the aircraft charter business and nothing about his Rain on Request business (which I suspect is still just an idea wanting funding).

The active Rain business venture seems to be based upon monitoring/predicting rain equipment (he claims to have improved the "glass graded catchment container" method to some hi-tech electronic system) and sold those services/products.

What I find intriguing is he's selling the idea rain can be encouraged by ionisation, using a local array of transmitters - sound familiar? - while apparently being in the air (transport/leasing/charter?) business which is known to have proven cloud-seeding ability.
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David Gitman, who seems to be the only employee of Rain on Request,

I wonder who the "Larry" is that Terry Lawton speaks with in the first video (not really). ETA: Manager, Larry Gitman apparently.

ETA: Mini bio's on the team included here

That's not unheard of, here's a company claiming to do the same:

Yes, I've just read about the similar Meteo Systems (of Switzerland) claims of creating 52 rain showers back in 2010.
This is the WMO final report in full

It seems they were both willing to lie to each other - Terry lied about having millions of $'s to entice conversation, and Larry lied that they can provide both rain on request as well as STOP massive rainfall from storms hitting Ireland (which is what Terry was asking for).
As Terry's claiming the purpose of this video is to prove it's real, I think we can safely say that's a fail.
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Our old aquaintance Jim Lee has dedicated a long page to a ragtag collection of pieces about active rainmaking.

Regarding the Russian 'ionisator division', there is an appearance in the weather modification video that I have brought up several times already - "Blue Skies above Moscow" (in German, sorry, no translation). Jump to 6:10.

Short synopsis:
Official agency in Moscow is responsible for blue skies on important parade days
First cloud seeding in 1986, to prevent contaminated precipitation from Chernobyl on city
Since then, lots of assignments for agriculture, all over Russia
Complaints that services are not required as much as during socialist period
Possible future assignments to reduce snowfall over city
WM no help against fires in extreme summer 2010
Vision of controlling nature dates back to socialism, still dreamed about
"Historic" ionization experiment created in a Moscow backyard
Claimed to be scientific and effective, with low energy requirement
Claimed 80% success rate in "hundreds" of experiments

Wet wedding party does not agree with weather modification
Two hours later the weather clears up - obviously no real evidence
Positive consequences of global warming (algae harvesting)
Ambivalence in political discourse about global warming
Negative consequences (thawing of permafrost, danger for industrial structures)
Gazprom artificially freezes ground around important structures (!).
Last question: private orders for WM accepted? Reply: No!

More on the Russian ionization experiments:


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The Russian angle is interesting.

Marin B

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There does not seem to be a "Dmitry Rototayev" outside of this story.

perhaps an alternative spelling of the last name Rototaev:



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It's state owned propaganda, and this seems to be just a "Russian scientists are the best" type story.
Yes, I'm aware of that. My opinion is that officially issued Russian publications related to science need to be scrutinized particularly well. I should have added a comment to the link accordingly.

Even in the "Blue Skies" video I linked, it becomes painfully obvious how scientific thinking is overlaid and even distorted by political aspects, often in terms of "us vs. them" but also by a strong belief in feasibility when it comes to controlling the environment - with total disregard for negative side effects.

My experience is that this is not just about the Putin administration - there were 70 years of socialist thought influence which also has pervaded the science institutions. The senior scientists in the video at 11:35 are unanimously talking about global warming as an issue forced upon Russia by the Western 'block', as a power struggle with "oil-producing countries".

I have some Russian relation in my family, and there I can sense a deeply ingrained mix of longing for past greatness and a touchiness bordering on an inferiority complex when it comes to critical assessment of anything related to Russia. So it's amazingly hard to have a polite discussion about specific issues because the slightest critique about details is quickly perceived as somehow attacking the honor of Russia - and these are academics.


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Here's some of the science as explained by Professor Sergey Pulinets who has been working with ROR team. He's interviewd by Ben Deniston from the LaRouche Political Action Committee Scientific Research Team.

As usual, a lot of the science goes over my head, perhaps others will find the information more digestible. However, I found the following statements (bold is mine) telling, considering the upbeat pre-amble about the claimed Mexico's ELAT experiments.
This article is similar but has more data from the ELAT expirements to mull over though to me, it appears to only show a (dubious) correlation between the systems being "on" and increased precipation vs predicted precipation.
If I've got the theory right, they claim to have an Star Trek-Esque tractor-beam technology that can push-pull humidity from one place to another and ionise it to to increase or decrease rainfall. RainOnRequest it appears, after failing to convince the authorities, tried to crowd-source $1million to build their own test arrays but it seems to have been cancelled after raising just $858. This is it's one and only "Update" since launch

For a bit of light-humour (see comments on rewards), here's a reddit post in #shittykickstarters on ROR's funding appeal
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