Internet research. How to do it effectively?


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Searching for 'john stevens lust for enlightenment', the first google page has links to where the book's for sale, and at the bottom says:
Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe. Learn more
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When I go to, the eighth result is a link to a pdf at

Clicking through all 9 pages of google results doesn't give me anything.

But I wonder: is this a Europe-only thing?


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(My evidence would be extractions from Merchants of Doubt, etc.)

[... you wont find it on Google, cause the what-what complained, use instead ...]
[... shame on what-what, let this go viral, you will still make money and possibly save the world ...]
This happens to me often. I am Googling from South Africa.

In this case, Google said they removed the reference because the copyright owner had complained.


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The good or favorable outcome here on Metabunk, is that most of us here know the basic methods of credible research and fact oriented verification.
In fact, we often use even more complicated methods of search(es), like using Google Scholar or Google Earth data to pinpoint eco-placement of seemingly random photos....and over a period of time ....using original photo meta-data.

Dan has a page on his Blog, SearchReSearch, where he posts challenges...for people to find answers to random photo questions/mysteries. Most of them are not too hard to solve for those who know how to do it.
But the problem is "most" people do not know how to search effectively.
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