International Space Station (ISS) Live Stream from 2/21/2020 - Unidentified Object


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This one is currently making the usual "UFO video" rounds.

It was quickly identified as a cube satellite launch, here:


But, there seems to be disagreement and that the object is actually a discarded ICS-EF (Inter-orbit Communication System at Exposed Facility).

Yet, a commenter on the YT video claims NASA has stated "they don't know what it is".

NASA's official live stream from 2/21 from 00:00 to 23:00:


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ISS Daily Summary Report – 2/21/2020

Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) Inter-orbit Communication System (ICS)-Exposed Facility (EF) Jettison: At 12:50 CT today, robotics ground controllers commanded an SSRMS disposal jettison of the retired JEM ICS-EF, a sub-component of the JEM ICS communications system.
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