Ignore/Hide Thread option?


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Is there the ability to hide threads that are no longer of interest? Or that I have sworn a mighty oath not to get drawn into posting any more, but due to an innate weakness of character might yield to temptation if presented with it?

If so, whereat is it? If not, would it be an easy feature to add? (It is probably not worth going to a lot of trouble over, unless this inspires a groundswell of expressed need...)

Other than that, everything is fine... hope you are, too.
And you've always been able to ignore individual users.
Fun fact: when you're ignoring a member, you're also ignoring the threads they've started, and won't see anything relating to these threads in your feeds.
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A bug in the code for this addon meant it needed reinstalling, so if you are using it, you may need to re-ignore forums and threads.