I used to be gullible


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Hi all new here figured id share my story about back in my conspiracy days.
So i have High Functioning Aspergers so when i was 19 i had the mental maturity of someone that was like in there early to mid teens wasnt able to understand and use my logic properly, my world had just been turned upside down new to being out of school and working understand all the adult responsibilities. Unfortuantly having the mental maturity i had ment i was highly gullible and when i found out about this Alex Jones stuff i got sucked straight into it and it all made sense at the time and bought stuff from the site i watched the "docos". So when he went on that Piers Morgan show and had a interview i was like WOW WTF have i got sucked into and i stopped completely and starting on my journey of informing my self, i feel stupid but i was gullible and didnt know better but thats who they crave and feed on to spread there poisen, sorry for my long rant but i try to be informative and open.


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