I just don't get this website - I am sorry (David Keith, Calgary)



What is with this website?
I mean, do you not know that the University of Calgary has a Geo-engineering program?

"The group assessed two main kinds of geoengineering techniques. The first involves removing carbon dioxide by methods such as capturing it directly from the air, speeding up its chemical absorption by rocks and minerals, or planting more forests.

The other technique involves reflecting the sun’s energy away from Earth to lower temperatures rapidly. Methods to do this include releasing small particles in the stratosphere, positioning sun-shields in space, or infusing clouds with small droplets of sea-salt to make them more reflective. "

Look at that last statement. Please.

How else do you think these small particles are placed into the stratosphere?

You are losing this dis-information battle obviously because of all of the time you are wasting "debunking" something that has already been admitted by the
people doing it.. relax.. get off of this battle... yes you are being sprayed.. no it is not clear what is happening with the spraying.. nor what it consists of... nor
the extent of it, ...

Obviously people need not be protesting all day at the white house as this is actually being spun as "for our benefit" which is fine if that can be shown and proven.

David Keith - the university of Calgary prof going around (and who is seen in the movie "What on earth are they Spraying" - but is portrayed as a "bad" scientist)
admitting to these trails and educating the public on their experiments.

Get over it, chemtrials are real... the people using them have admitted using them and are saying that it is for "good" research..

The conspiracy is whether or not these trails are being used for good or for bad. That is something we cannot know forsure and will have to take the word of the researchers, which I for one don't love, but I understand that is all I can do.

Protesting does nothing.

Neither does the existence of this website.. actually.. i take that back.. it is actually spreading worthless information about very unconnected issues (ie "look at all those crazy idiots protesting.. aren't they dumb?" "wow look at this blue sky, i don't see a plane nor a contrail at all." "look at all this government issued research about these chemicals being naturally in our environment... wow chemtrials can't be adding more")

You see, your ideas and anything you post here can be de-bunked remembering that in the newspapers, major television media, science journals.. THE UNITED NATIONS.. have all admitted to this type of spraying related to geo-engineering.

When you come up with some real evidence that these planes are not spreading chemicals into the environment that will harm us, then please, continue to post.

Even David Keith cannot say this, and he is one of the major researcher.

Wow .. why do I waste my time.

Jay Reynolds

Senior Member.
David Keith - the university of Calgary prof going around (and who is seen in the movie "What on earth are they Spraying" - but is portrayed as a "bad" scientist)
admitting to these trails and educating the public on their experiments.
So, can you show us the exact moment in minutes and seconds in the movie "What In The World Are They Spraying" where David Keith admits to "these trails"?
I'd like to watch that for myself. Please show proof of your claim.
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