"I Installed Chemtrails Devices"

Anyone seen this one yet, a couple of things looked NQR in the video from what this guy is saying, as in his way of describing his job(sounds like he was and avionics engineer maybe, but didn't use those words) and then there is the old aluminum, barium, nano thing. That was where I started laughing and thought he was taking the piss out of the crowd there, but here it is for you all to look at anyway and I am interested in all your comment and thoughts.


I also followed the first link which did have some interesting pictures on it and I know I have seen pictures this sort of thing on the tail of planes before, but I can not remember what they were for again and i am having trouble being able to find those pictures again, so a little help with that one would be handy, thanks. I thought it may have been some cloud seeding thing, but then I saw the stuff about Cloud and Aerosol Spectrometer and thought that is what it is. But because most of that page is in German I don't know what most of it is saying.


Anyway I look forward to seeing feed back and comments about this one.