Hundreds Of Millions Of Salmon Feared Dead On US West Coast due to Fukushima nuclear


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The claim is 100's of millions salmon feared dead due to Fukushima. The picture provided is from Adams river British Columbia 2012 & the picture source is 2010 after salmon run upstream they spawn & die.. and the numbers a bit inflated as likely 10 to 100.000 thousand not millions.


i thought this be easy debunk,, well the picture part was but its get tricky drawing in complex cause and effect upon salmon population. It seems that the fish numbers have been dropping over past 30 years & 2016 is bad season but no claim is made by authority that cause is Fukushima fall out & thats its most likely warming oceans climate change over fishing or other ocean environmental impact..

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Declining Salmon numbers is a worldwide phenomena. Here's a 2012 report from The Scottish Salmon and Trout Conservation body...
Similar declines are noted for Salmon in the Baltic...
[Broken External Image]:
Graph of Atlantic Salmon population since 1970

So its not just the Pacific salmon that is in decline, the same trend is happening in populations such as the Baltic and North Atlantic stocks which are not connected and unrelated to the Pacific stocks.

There are a number of factors which are claimed as causes for this including the spread of sea lice and other parasites and diseases from farmed populations to wild population...
Accidental or deliberate introduction of 'alien' species into the ecosystem resulting in predation or competition for resources...

The impact of water course management in rivers and salmon streams...

Over fishing...
...and rising sea temperatures effecting the whole food chain and eco-system...
All of which are impacting the population of Salmon worldwide, and thus shows that Fukushima is not a significant factor, if it is a factor at all.

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