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I’m new here! Bit of background on me, I’m 31, been married for almost 10 years, we have 4 kids, and I’m I child care provider. I’ve spend over a decade living in rural northern Nevada and 2 years in our current town. I came here after reading Escaping the Rabbit Hole, Mick West was kind enough to give me a link after I DM’d him on twitter.
Things at my house have gotten super uncomfortable in the last couple years, unfortunately my husband seems to have gone down the Rabbit Hole and his threshold for disbelief only seems to be moving further away. I honestly didn’t see it coming. About 9 years ago my husband cut off contact with his father because my father in law had gone down the Rabbit Hole and become physically and verbally violent when anyone disagreed with him. I didn’t realize how far things had gone until my husband told me he wanted to reconnect with his father to apologize and tell him he was right. That was a big wake up call for me.
I don’t really have people in my life that I can bring this too. I’ve tried a few times and I must be explaining it wrong, or something, because people just don’t know what to say. I don’t really know what to say either. I know that this has been really hard on my mental health and a real strain on my relationship with my husband. I find myself really at a loss. I’d love to get to know some of you and maybe find a community where I can share with people who understand what this feels like. I’m happy to answer questions if you have them!
Hi B,

Welcome. Just a heads up.. the members we get occasionally that "understand what this feels like" don't tend to stay around after they join up and post. But if you see any such members in the "Escaping the Rabbit Hole" forum, you can Private Message them (just click on their name and "start conversation") and if they have their settings to receive emails they are more likely to get your message. You do need to post 3x i believe before Private Messaging works. But you can post anything anywhere.

I'm certainly not trying to discourage you from sharing here, just want you to be aware that most members who are "regulars" (check in regularly) probably don't have any experience with what you are going through. Although many of us have read alot about it. :)

And don't let your husband know you are posting here! The members here are very liberal (and i'm assuming your husband is not?)

I'm a conservative, but we are a rare breed here. But welcome and i hope you stick around if even to just read some help threads and debunks!
Hi! Thanks for the tip! I’m an independent for whatever that’s worth, I was not intending on letting him know for a while at least. I read the Rabbit Hole book just after I finished reading Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories (also a good book) and realized this was more then I could do by myself. I really appreciate you reaching out! Thanks again!
i just worry when someone has been through verbal and physical abuse (your partner) if they don't come back at you that way if they feel threatened. be safe and well there as best you can.