How to see deployed Starlink "Racetrack" flares

Rough Sitrec Permalink (without TLE) :

Since we get a few timelapses, I've added a "Simulation Speed" in the "Start Date/Time" folder. This is best adjusted on frame 0 (the time calculations are based around syncing to a video, but of course there's no video in the generic Night Sky sitch, but that's still how it works).

It's saves in the permalink, here's the updated one for the above with it set to 16 (a rough match)

Looks like there's several planes there. In theory you could drop in their KMLs. It's an excellent video.
Nice video of Starlink Flares here from the Centro Astronómico de Trevinca, in northwestern Spain:
Nice video. Should send it to Ryan Graves' organization, as it's coming from an astronomical center, and doesn't have the baggage of skepticism associated with it. Enough of these videos from observatories and he'll have to concede, although with the number of future launches, it's set to get much busier up there soon and I think the mystery will diminish.
A localish report, I looked in Stirec but did not see a train, perhaps the TLEs are not up to date enough if this was a recent launch?

They say "about 25 of them" in another reply

~19:00 UTC (GMT)

Location is approx 53.67682508458437, -2.982139100781373



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The time appears to be accurare to UTC-3 Time. It matches with sitrec exactly.

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