How to search for an image on Metabunk (and other websites)

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A simple how to search for an image on Metabunk (and other websites)

Let's say you see an image somewhere online and you wish to see if the image has already been posted on Metabunk.

Let's take this image found in an article online at .

Right click on the image and select 'Search Google for this image'.


In this instance when you select 'Search Google for this image', you get this Google search of the entire Internet for that image.


However you only want to look for that image on a specific web site, so the next step is to replace the image's descriptor tags (offshore wind farm), with the address of the website ( you wish to search for the image, proceeded by the term 'site:' .


And viola.... you have searched for an image on a specific website, and in this case you would have found that the image does indeed appear on Metabunk, and you have a link to the page with that image.


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That only works with the "Chrome" Browser though. Even if i go to "google images" in Internet Explorer, and save the picture to my desktop, it doesnt let me drag and drop the image to search.

i CAN use and upload the photo there. Tineye is better in some cases and Google Image Search is better in others. For instance Mick uploaded a plane pic in April 2013 and tineye can't find it.

hhmm neither can Google Images... found 3 threads it is in, but not the thread i was looking at.


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Well that's what you get for using IE. :D

seriously though, I have just had a little play.
In IE, if you go to google images and click on the little camera icon in the search box, it gives you 2 options. One is to paste the URL of the image you want, the other is to upload an image. If you have downloaded the image to your desktop, you can upload it into the search box on google images. presumably if you are on a website and click on a pic and can copy the URL (doesn;t seem to work on embedded pics in metabunk) then you can paste into the box.
Not as quick as drag and dropping, but at least it works.
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