How to Post an Image on Metabunk

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If there's an image on another web page that you want to use, you can just link directly to the image with [IMG][/IMG] tags, like:


which will give:

Alternatively, you can simply copy and paste the image itself.

  1. Right Click on the image
  2. Click on "Copy Image"
  3. Click on the Metabunk editor window
  4. Paste
The image should automatically be uploaded as an attachment. In the animation below you will see the image appear in the attachments section. Don't save the message until it appears there.


You can also drag files from your computer directly into the editor, or click on "Upload a File"
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For imgur images, use the BB code, or the raw URL of the image from right clicking on the image:
For Flickr Images, you can use the direct link to the page, andthe forum software will try to embed it for you. This will not always work.

The recommended way is to use the BB code from flickr:

which gives some code like this:
[URL='']limg][/lmg]London Contrails[/URL] by [URL='']vulture labs[/URL], on Flickr

London Contrails by vulture labs, on Flickr
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