How to Change Email notifications for Watched Threads


Mick would it be possible to get global choice for email notification rather than on an individual thread post?

Maybe there is a control for it already but I have not been able to find it yet.

Cool site and appreciate the politeness policy as it keeps the stress level so low!

For reference, it would be in your account preferences:

You can also disable individual, or all current thread watches and notification:
Forums->Watched threads->Show All Unwatched Treads->Manage Watched threadd (menu at top right)


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Well I have the box unchecked but I am still getting the email notifications.

I just had a thought and allowed all scripts for this site in no script.

I will see
I see now

It looks like any settings that were in place stay in place until you manually change them.

The global control works from that point forward.