How to avoid getting logged out all the time

Mick West

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Some users are having problems getting logged out - especially if you are on a mobile connection, or other type of connection where the IP address changes a lot. It seems like when the address changes, then a new session is created, and you lose you old login

The fix for this is to click "Stay logged in" when your log in.


This will keep you logged in even if you close your browser and re-open it, and so will maintain your login across session when your IP address changes.

You will have to remember to log out when you are done, if you are on a shared computer.
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No, the box is checked, I don't log out just shut the tab. When I go back to the page it's logged out for a second, then logs in automatically.
I was just commenting on the convenience of it.
Bit odd though, I don't know why you would be logged out at all. What browser is that? (I feel like I've asked you this before)
Does it shows the "Log in or Sign Up" tab for a second then?

I have FF25 Mac here (though I use Chrome). I can't duplicate it
It seems to happen when I don't check the site for a while. Right now shutting tabs keeps me still logged in, but if I came back in a few hours it would show me the unlogged-in screen, then I'll get a 'logging in' script at the top of the page and I'm in.