How many people actually believe in 'chemtrails'?


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After reading the lengthy (and thoroughly typical) exchange in the 'Case Orange' thread, I was disheartened. I felt certain that we were fighting a loosing battle against the rest of the world who seem united in their disregard for logic, reason and the Scientific Method.

Then I remembered, it's not the rest of the world who believes this hoax, just a select few with web access, free time, unchecked paranoia and the tendency towards literal vocality about their beliefs. That always cheers me up.

There's a great page on ContrailScience about this, but I wondered if anyone has any more accurate methods for assessing just how many people have fallen into this hoax, and if possible how those numbers have changed over the years.


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Also, If anyone wants to discuss the chemtrail hoax with believers 'in the wild', there's a chatroom here.
Then again, there's so few people who even know about this meme, let alone believe it, there's probably no one there.


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It think it had almost died off, until Youtube came along, giving all of a venue to post fuzzy videos of contrails
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