How I came to believe and disbelieve in chemtrails

Steve Andrews

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JazzRoc is the friend who got me to see that chemtrails didn't exist apart from a term being used...that was a couple of years back but I published a HubPages article about how I came to be a chemtrail-believer and then a chemtrailer-unbeliever! It details my research and experiences.

Back in Tenerife I carried on corresponding with fellow chemtrail-believers and posting blogs and wrote a hubpage article on the subject. Now I have a friend who lives on the island called Tony Duncan but who posts on the Internet as JazzRoc and one day I was surprised to find that he had found my chemtrail blogs at Myspace and disagreed so much with them that he was calling me a "fool" and "deluded." He said that he was "going to fight me on this." And he did!

JazzRoc, who is a scientist and does know what he is talking about, started posting his opinions in the comments area at all chemtrail videos he could find online and very soon got a name as a "debunker" and a "paid disinformation agent." He was also being called a "CIA employee," a "shill,"and accused of "working for the government."

I knew this was madness from people who knew nothing about him at all and in fact the last job I knew he had was a community gardener - a far cry from CIA employee! JazzRoc was adamant that chemtrails didn't exist and that what we were calling such were no more than persistent contrails and were made up of water vapour. He also explained that the phenomenon has been caused by a vast increase in air traffic and that contrails like this were nothing new but had been recorded and photographed at other times in the last century.

There was no room for agreeing to disagree with him and at one point because I considered him to be very rude I blocked him from my contacts at Myspace. We also got into a heated argument at hubpages and by e-mail.

Meanwhile JazzRoc had become so infamous as a "professional debunker" that he managed to get himself banned from YouTube and was later to repeat this at the David Icke forums.

However, in the course of our argument he asked me if I realised that halos (of sun and moon) were caused by ice crystals, and also pointed out that dust and solid particles, which chemtrail-believers say are in the trails cannot create halos or rainbow effects of any type at all. Chemtrail-believers even have a new term "chembow" for colours being seen in the new artificial clouds made from the trails.

That was all it took to break the spell I was under. I knew that halos around the moon were made of ice crystals so it was obvious they were what caused the sun halos too. I knew also that solid particles cannot create halos or rainbow effects. On this island we get dust clouds from the Sahara that are known as calimas and whilst they make the sky really foggy looking they never ever have halos around the sun or moon.

I could see that somehow my belief system and association of sun halos with what I was calling chemtrails was wrong and that my belief had blinded me to logical reasoning. I had to apologise to JazzRoc and thank him for teaching me something that all my research had failed to do. I now knew that there were no threats from chemtrails because what we are seeing are contrails as the authorities have maintained all along.

I now could see that all that white in the trails and the hazy skies and around the sun when there are halos was nothing more than fantastic amounts of ice crystals. This is why the lichens were doing well in Wales - because the air was as I had thought very pure and not contaminated at all with barium, aluminium and all the other toxins and pathogens said to fall from the trails.

I announced in public that I was no longer a chemtrail-believer and directed people to JazzRoc's blog here, which is entitled "Contrails Facts and Chemtrail Fictions": and also to the excellent Contrail Science site where a scientific explanation is given for all the points raised by chemtrail-believers:
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Mick West

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Steve, since you became a chemtrail un-believer, have there been any other subjects where you've had a similar change of mind (in either direction)?

Steve Andrews

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Familyism is something I became aware of

Steve, since you became a chemtrail un-believer, have there been any other subjects where you've had a similar change of mind (in either direction)?

Well, I have become a major public supporter of David de Rothschild and this hasn't gone down at all well with some conspiracy theorists. It has been a very interesting learning experience over the past 18 months or so since I befriended David and have been corresponding with him as well as running a fansite for him at Facebook. I have had to deal with some very biased and hateful people who are conspiracy theorists and fans of David Icke who are willing to judge someone as evil on the basis of their surname alone, whilst going about how the population are "sheeple" who need to wake up! I have written many hubs promoting David and his work and wrote this one specifically to talk about the prejudice I have encountered and that he has to deal with on a regular basis:

Janet D

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That's a terrific post relating your experience with the chemtrail hoax, Steve. "Bard of Ely", eh? I think we used to be friends on MySpace. My name was ooppoddoo around 2006 and 2007. It's good to see you here ~ Janet

Steve Andrews

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That's a terrific post relating your experience with the chemtrail hoax, Steve. "Bard of Ely", eh? I think we used to be friends on MySpace. My name was ooppoddoo around 2006 and 2007. It's good to see you here ~ Janet
Hi Janet! Thank you! Yes, I remember you from Myspace but I hardly use the site any more apart from sharing links!

Janet D

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I abandoned my old MySpace profiles a while ago. But I did create a new MySpace profile recently, and I'm on Facebook, so if you'd like to get reacquainted I would love that.

I've read your piece 3 times now, and it is really good, Steve. Thank you for writing and posting, and it really helps to hear a fellow travelers experiences.
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