How Big is the Audience at 9/11 Truth Events?

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The popularity of a movement is often used to justify belief in the claims of that movement. But how popular is it exactly?

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How big was that audience [At Richard Gage's presentation, May 13th, 2018 in Utrecht, The Netherlands] , anyway? I just got back from a trip out East. We were at the WTC Memorial and stopped by Shanksville. They were both awe inspiring and the mood was very reverent at both. What I did not see were any signs of the Truther crowd in any way. I was glad to not see anyone with pamphlets or signs, but I have to say, just a little bit disappointed. I have to admit, I wanted to see the show first hand. I am wondering how many people still pay to see these guys talk.
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There's possibly 100 to 200 people in front of the photographer there, (I added the photo to your post), and here with George van Houts
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Older audience, judging by the hair. More female than male

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Georges van Hout has been touring with this show in theatres in the Netherlands in 2017 and 2018. In total, he did about 65 shows. A radio documentary has been made about Van Houts in which also his critics are interviewed (I was one of them). In this documentary, Van Houts tells that his shows were not that well visited (if you compare to other recent shows of his), about one hundred people per evening.
The video of the show which can be seen on Youtube was one of the last performances and part of a larger programme (eg. the presentation of Gage), so that's probably why you can see some more people in the audience at that occasion.

So maybe about 6000 people watched the show live in theatre, but the YouTube-video has been viewed about 85.000 times before they added English subtitles (just a couple of days ago, I believe).

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Many years ago I attended some truther presentations... one at St Mark's Church in the Bowery, one in SoHo in a loft, one in Hartford at UConn and one at NJIT a few years ago. The attendance was between 50 and 200 people. Most of the attendees were truther sycophants and made no bones about that. I am guessing that the truthers may have brought their friends who were not truthers to see the presentations. Gage would often as for a show of hands of those who believed the OCT before his talk and then again at the end asking of those who had accepted the OCT now had doubt. A few people would raise their hands indicating that Gage's presentation had swayed them to consider his alternate theories or doubt the "official" hypotheses.

The Q&As as I recall were not very challenging as the audience at most of these events were not conversant with the events in detail or had an science or engineering background. The approach was always to show problems with the OCT rather than advance a coherent explanation how engineered destruction of the buildings was accomplished.

Nothing new coming from the truth guys in 17 years since the event and about 12 years after their movement was stood up.


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The "9/11 Truth Action Project" held "Vigils for Justice" on the 9/11 anniversary in "over a dozen" places in the USA, and several elsewhere. "Over a dozen" seems to be exactly 15, judging from the map in the shockingly frank article they just published to report on those vigils:

They show photos from the following cities - and the number I put next to the city name is the number of people posing in those photos:
  1. Atlanta, GA - 11
  2. Pearl, MS - 1 (that "vigil" is descibed actually as an ad in a local paper, the SW Rankin News)
  3. Hartfort, CT - 10
  4. Tucson, AZ - 6
  5. Beaverton, OR - 3 (described as a "small but enthusiastic outreach group"
  6. Salem, OR - 0 ("The Salem vigil was small but made an impression on the community" - the photo shows nothing but a portable banner on a sidewalk)
  7. Tempe, AZ - 10 (sum over three photos)
  8. Tampa, FA - 9 (a "large group", according to the photo caption)
  9. Boston, MA - 2 (plus a banner on a bridge over the Mass. Pike)
Let's add 1 participant who took the photo in each location, then these 9 vigils were attended by a grand total of 61 people - just under 7 per event.

In addition:
911TAP tries to sound optimistic about this abhorently poor show of support:
A "key piece of the strategy" - yeah right. I have seen stronger vigils for issues such as repairing four classrooms at a local school.
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