1. Stupid

    Stupid Senior Member

    I came across this documentary film, "House of Numbers", about HIV/AIDS.

    Turns out this film has become a "go-to" link for AIDS denial believers.

    I researched it....and found it to be a deceptive look, seemingly verified by well-known HIV immunological researchers/doctors/and experts.

    Ben Goldacre explains this here, in his "Bad Science" blog.....

    Here is the statement:

    Here is another account of being "dupped"....
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  2. JeffreyNotGeoffrey

    JeffreyNotGeoffrey Active Member

    I saw it with my then wife. When tried finishing grad school I studied holocaust deniers and their methods. Due to that background I pretty quickly saw through the movie. Unfortunately the wife did not and felt that the film was the other side of the discussion. These frauds operate pretty similarly. Start off by asking innocent questions and get the audience thinking that all you want is the truth. Next cherrypick and quotemine scary things to persuade the audience and finish your superior but marginalized findings. How to make a bunk conspiracy in a few steps... then profit.

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