Home remedies lead to animal cruelty charges


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A DOG owner has been banned from keeping animals for five years after admitting cruelty towards an elderly Shih Tzu.

Nicholas Hawkes, 41, failed to provide veterinary care for 12-year-old Gilly’s painful eye condition, which was discovered by a dog groomer who contacted the RSPCA.

Gilly was diagnosed with diabetes, which had been left untreated, and ultimately had to have one eye removed, while the other remains blind.....

Mr Bailey said Hawkes, when interviewed, had expressed a preference for trying “home remedies” rather than taking Gilly to the vet. These apparently included bathing the dog’s eyes in saline solution and applying apple cider vinegar to the back of her neck and her drinking water.
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People keep wanting to know what the harm is in alternative beliefs, what happened to that dog is the harm, just as it is every time a child dies after being treated with 'alternative medicine' rather than being taken to a doctor.