Hippies Labeled Terrorist Threat


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On October 24th, a CT website called the Counter Current News featured a story in which the Missoula, Montana Police Department apparently categorized “The Rainbow Family,” as a possible terrorist threat in order to receive a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant.

Counter Current News also went so far as to claim that the Rainbow Family is currently under police and DHS surveillance.


The story actually broke in January of this year. According to the Missoulian:


It did not take long before other CT websites picked up the article and ran with it.


Truthfully, it seemed like Infowars had a point. It did seem absurd to label such a group as a threat much less an organization subject to DHS surveillance.

So, I dug a little further into the story.

The Rainbow Family gatherings have generated some controversy, primarily over crime, drug use, and friction with the U.S. Park Service. None of these problems have ever come close to extremism or terrorism.


The Missoula Police Department actually withdrew the grant six days after it became public.


Infowars never disclosed this part of the story even after referring to the issue months later.


More to the point, neither the funding nor the surveillance claimed in the Counter Current News story ever happened.

This story reminded me of an earlier thread.


It also prompted two additional thoughts:

Stories like this can take on a life of their own as long as the target audience of CT believers is prepared to believe them.

Stories like this are also not that hard to research and debunk. Basic due diligence on my part consumed about 30 minutes. I will keep that standard in mind when considering future CT claims.