High School Kids launch Weather Balloon

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Just saw this in my local news today. Made me smile


A couple high school kids made a weather balloon (with cameras, gps, a canada flag and a lego man) for less than $500. The balloon reached around 80,000 ft where it popped and fell back to earth. They had to wait a full week before they could retrieve it. It landed 122km away from the launch spot.

The video attached to the story is really quite neat. If high school kids can do this for less than $500, I'm sure someone who believes in chemtrails could create a similar balloon with air samplers.


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Amazing story, that!
They acquired some quite breathtaking images.

Let's just hope that there will not be numerous follow-ups with people launching balloons in regions with heavy air traffic, without notifying the ATC ...


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This guy here will not settle for $500, as it seems:

H.A.R.C. Project said:
Project Description
H.A.R.C. Is a High Altitude Reconnaissance Capsule that provides answers to the highly debated Chemtrail issue. A lack of hard data and uncooperative officials, leave us with no answer to the question of what exactly is the material we see in the sky that forms the long line clouds above us. This project is a non bias examination of samples taken directly from the clouds high above us. I have designed a device that is carried by weather balloon through the substance and will capture particulates then return them to the ground in order to be lab tested for their content. The project will be fully documented and utilize more than one testing lab to verify the results. The entire process will be documented and released via video online for free.

Donation levels go up to "5", translating to $2500.

Maybe someone should point him (and his donors) to the LegoMan Team ...

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Based on his $290 of current contributions being reported as 3% of the target, he's looking for $10,000

The amount of funding he gets might be an interesting indication as to how serious people really are about this.


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Addendum regarding H.A.R.C. project:

The progress bar on the donation page shows 3%. He (the name is Ed Chiarini) has collected roughly $300 so far.

A quick calculation results in projected funding of $10000 ...

(Shoot, Mick's computing was faster; this and that darn foreign language!)


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In a german Forum we had the same idea some time ago.

There are Radio-Amateurs that do these things semi-professional and regular. There Weather-balloons are full of instruments for fligth-control-atmospheric parameters, cameras etc.

Look at here for example (just Links and Pictures, it´s in German)

We thougth about smal USB-Keyboard-Cleaner with HEPA-Filters, that could be used for sampling Particles in the air...

Here is an amateur, that does it with 150 Euro (about 200$ i think)

(sorry again in German but with many explaining pictures)


The radio-amateurs are doing it so often much, that some guys try to stole the equipment after the probe has landen and they try to catch it befor the owner found it. That is be shown in this video, where a amateur-radio-club supproted a school-class to start "their ballon". Intersiting video (Balloon-action is starting at 11:00 mins)

(unfortanly, again - in german)


(sorry for my bad english, hope you understand what i mean)

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Ed Chiarini? The everyone looks like someone else, the world is a truman show guy?


Yeah, that theory is one of the more bizarre out there, especially they generally look nothing alike. It's like he's got face blindness. But he even does ear comparisons, which is one of the best ways of differentiating photos taken at different times, and the ears are obviously unalike. He's either performing an elaborate hoax, or there something mis-wired in his brain

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