Hi, I am a "truth-seeker" from Indonesia, and I really respect site like this!


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Hi I am new to this site and I am from Indonesia.

Let me straight-away say directly that first I really appreciate and respect site like this! I'm actually really glad that I've found this site sort of accidentally, through some "truther" website!
and secondly, I just want to say that in today's especially sadly/unfortunately "anything-goesss" modern 21st era, the world actually really needs more websites like this, that can *critically* debunk, instead of being gullible and UN-critical at accepting every lies, made-up story/theory, or fantasy/human's imaginations!

I myself am also sort of what you may call a "Truth-seeker" type, and sometimes I can't avoid that fringe territory of "conspiracy theories".
But ever since the whole "2012" and especially "December 21 2012", NOTHING happened as often prophesied/discussed/predicted & talked by not only the "new-agey" and even "spiritual" people (of all kinds/types of people!), but even also by the "Truth-seeker" types,...and THAT's where I started to become severely disappointed, hurted, felt hugely tricked (of all places, where I really long for the *real* Truth!!..) , and I promised myself to become much more *critical*, skeptical (as an automatic consequence/result, of course, and it DOES help at times!), and basically don't easily trust any bullshits (B.S)!

Because the very sad fact/truth & reality is: our species called human beings, more often than not, can, have, and will do anything just for their EGO ,
be it lies, inventing/creating made-up fantasy/wishful-thinking/stories,
or even through their Ignorance and wishy-washy feelings just to -again- support their selfish EGO!

this is why I really am glad there is actually a site/forum like this!
Because actually, like many have said here, THIS is what probably the world needs, especially nowadays recently when there seems to be a HUGE amount of "woo-woo" lies, scams, hoaxes, trickeries, and made-up story/fantasy/theories, because of our -sadly- "anything goesss" type of 'modern 21st era' mentality & mindset & culture!

So I totally support this site!
it's time to BALANCE all those crazy delusional & 'dirty' websites/forums/blogs/authors etc out there that claims to speak the "truth", where it's in fact only lies, half-truths, or the worst: invented/created/made-up human's LIES, just for their own selfish, 'worldly' EGO !

Keep spreading out the *real* truth! it's very important. so there won't be another getting lied/tricked, frustrated, and even depressed (suicidal!) individuals/people like me!

thank you~
-a Truth-seeker from Indonesia-