Hi all, I'm new to this forum, so still trying to find my way around. I wanted to comment regarding


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Hi all, I'm new to this forum, so I'm still trying to find my way around the site. I wanted to comment on the Shasta county video. I'm a meteorologist from NZ and while I accept there may be increases in various pollutant elements in the atmosphere, I in no way believe there is a concerted world wide conspiracy to control us through 'chemtrails'. The Shasta County video concerned me for a number of reasons. Iraja's comment re breathed out condensation compared to contrail condensation was so factually incorrect as to be laughable. Ones breath on a cold day is nowhere near super-saturated enough to cause a permanent cloud to form. If we breath out on a cold, very foggy morning, the condensation you produce will linger - pity we can't see it due to the fog. This is basic meteorology.

Some of Jeff Nelson's comments were also factually wrong. He commented that aircraft condensation needs a high altitude to form in. Not so. Ask military pilots flying Hercs in and out of McMurdo. If environmental conditions are right, contrails will form immediately they put power on to take off. The resulting 'cloud' will then spread out and close down the airfield. So, on those days, identified by meteorologists, they take precautions to make sure incoming aircraft land before others take off - for obvious reasons. I'm guessing that analysing these 'clouds' would confirm the presence of various chemicals that are the by-product of an aircraft engine's exhaust, plus a large amount of water vapour. Nelson also says that the "'ice' produced in a real condensation trail then warms up and the 'smoke goes away'". Actually, the process is the opposite - super-hot, super-moist air exits the engine, and from then on, the process is one of cooling, not warming. And of course, not once in any literature anywhere have I seem a reference to a contrail being made of 'smoke'.

Just as an aside, it seems the Shasta county was not prepared to listen to anyone with a contra opinion to those expressed. Certainly, as a scientist, I would have felt very uncomfortable in that environment. How is that conducive to getting to the truth. And finally, I not that right at the end of the video, they show a satellite picture which I assume they think shows a heap of chemtrails somewhere over the globe. Actually, that image is of the ocean south of Alaska and the 'trails' are not chemtrails or contrails from aircraft, but they are contrails from ships smoke stacks. The process is pretty much the same as contrails, but at very low levels in a very cold environment, with ships emitting condensation nuclei (engine exhaust) and very large quantities of very warm water vapour which then condenses.
We have all had the exact same concerns with what the people in Shasta are saying, and agree with all of what you have mentioned. Unfortunately, that group acts in isolation and self-enforced ignorance. Their leadership and many of the indiviuals actively avoid encounters where their errors could be brought out and corrected. This happens publicly and privately. They are fed a constant diet of propaganda which was exhibited at the meeting reinforced through paranoia using every possible technical and psychological means. There are very strong indications that the tactics being used are not dissimilar to those of a religious nature. They are encouraged to target individuals who are most likely to not question the status quo of the group's assumptions and are told to ignore factual information from meteorologists, scientists and aviation experts because anyone who shows their errors are either ignorant, paid off, or fearful for their lives.

Because of these tactics it is very difficult to reach those who might be reasoned with. Others show resistance simply because they gain ego-psychologically, derive confirmation of previously held beliefs, are looking for a scapegoat for some problems or have an axe to grind of one form or another.

Stick around and learn more about the state of affairs, hopefully you can help.