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I have never worked in the industry, but it is an industry I have followed since I was a child. One of my uncles worked in the Texaco refinery in Port Arthur, the other one was a real low lvl land man for Magnolia, later Mobil and my aunt was a clerk for Sun Oil. I love geology even when I was in grade school. Family get togethers often had a lot of oil industry talk. I preferred it to playing with my cousins (they were older and didn't really want me to play with them a lot).

I asked for geology books before I even went to college. I have heard talk of 'peak oil' for many years and new drilling methods, and new reservoirs are being found. As the price of oil goes up, there is more expensive oil available.

I am still for researching and encouraging alternative energy sources. First, because oil is am important chemical feed stock and second because of global climate change.

I am not sure how much of the change we are seeing is man made and how much is a warming cycle, but it is happening faster than it has in the past and more than likely, that is because of us.

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