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I was hoping that the folks who run this site would help me with this document. I have many, but this one seems to puzzle me
the most. If all this weather modification / chemtrailing/ GeoEngineering is just wacky theories, then why the Congressional Research and allocation of funds ??? Please help, as I am in somewhat of a bind. I opened my big mouth against the theory and I am trying to back up my claims.
Thank you very much.

Mick West

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Geoengineering is something that might be done in the future.

Weather modification is cloud seeding, which has been done for decades. It's mostly regulated at the state level

Jay Reynolds

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Most of us make our living providing goods and services. Scientists make their living by getting grants and doing theoretical analysis, politicians make their living by considering what to do with their responsibility as representatives. What you see are people doing their jobs. Yes, some is just whacky theories, and none of it means that it will result in action.

For example, the father of geoengineering, Edward Teller, once theorised that we could build harbors by setting off thermonuclear devices. That one didn't go over very well.....
There are lots of "idea men", and frankly our society isn't wealthy enough anymore for most of them, IMHO. Most of them need to get off the cart and start pushing like the rest of us by producing useable goods and services.

I examined the best evidence against the claim that geoengineering is currently taking place. Read it and let me know if you find any errors:
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